'Black Ball Alien Probes': YouTuber Stuns Viewers With ‘Monitoring Floating Object’ Clips

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Although videos of "aliens" penetrating our airspace are nothing new, they seem to never cease to surprise and raise bunches of questions.

YouTube conspiracist Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar' has intrigued viewers with yet another video that seemingly features unidentified "floating" objects.

Viewers eagerly weighed in having their say in comments: while most stuck to the point of view that the clip indeed captured extraterrestrials, one assumed it could be weird-shaped hot air balloons. However, he didn't want anyone to think he didn't firmly believe in UFOs and aliens:

"I firmly believe in extraterrestrial flight vehicles, and have been studying this phenomena for over 20 years, so please don't think that I am putting down the fact that extraterrestrial flight vehicles exist, because they do, " he explained.

"Not only do They Live but they watch/monitor us," another added, while another apparently has questions to ask:

"Those black ball alien probes have been seen all over the world the last few years. I wonder what they find so interesting about us?" the viewer wondered.

Mother of Dragons?

Earlier, a live-stream of a SpaceX rocket captured a uniquely large object swirling around the rocket base, with the footage further uploaded by 'The Grimreefar'.

The clip featuring what seems to be a huge winged animal lurking in the clouds begins by showing the SpaceX rocket launch, with the vehicle shooting into the atmosphere.

Sometime later, right on the backdrop of open skies, the silhouette of two sprawling wings comes into sight.

"The only thing I can explain that it is, and I'm not saying it is, but it looks like a flying dragon object," Reefer assumed.

The footage showed the successful launch of an uncrewed Dragon spacecraft for NASA – the final cargo mission of the outgoing year, as it was set to deliver fresh supplies to the International Space Station and then perform a landing on a drone ship off the Florida coast.

The fact that the well-known conspiracy theorist shared the video couldn’t go unnoticed online, with the clip having enjoyed roughly 12,000 views.

"Definitely inter-dimensional entities," one weighed in, with another quickly following suit:
"I don’t know about a dragon or whatever, but it’s something cloaked."

Some added a bit of scepticism though:

"You're joking, right?" one chimed in in disbelief, while another viewer opted for a tad of irony:
"To say it was a Dragon is a lot of speculation."

“Meanwhile nobody is noticing all the boomerang UFO's flying around in dozens at the previous launches, “ another butted in, picking up on videos of previous launches.

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