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From Celebrities to Exes: AI Will Allow People to 'Have Sex With Anyone', Relationship Expert Says

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With less than a week before the new year of 2020, the time has come to evaluate the results of the last decade and outline the prospects for one of the fastest growing adult industries – sex tech. English author Tracey Cox, who rose to fame by discussing dating, sex, and relationships, has offered her take on the world of pleasure lying before us.

The latest trends in the porn industry are expected to make virtual sex more like real life and provide a more immersive experience for consumers, allowing people to recreate their wildest fantasies, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox suggests in her column for the Daily Mail. According to her, the sex tech industry, worth $30 billion, is growing fast and keeps changing the way people have and perceive sex. She predicts that it is going to be a rough ride and even scary, because while the new technologies offer fresh ways to pleasure oneself, they also pose ethical difficulties – and even dangers – to privacy.

Fancy Night With Celebrity Clone?

Artificial intelligence has prompted the development of a whole new branch in the porn industry, as so-called deep fake technologies allow for any person’s face to be generated, while also adding bodies, genitals, tongues, and other body parts. According to her, “a group of 3D graphics hobbyists are making and selling avatars of real people”. They might be not very realistic for now, but the technology keeps developing.

According to Cox, these virtual clones could be uploaded to other programs and used for interactive sex experiences with headsets and connected sex toys.

She recalled seeing such devices demonstrated at a Sexpo in Los Angeles.

“I put my finger inside a device and felt it being sucked, stroked and pumped, in sync with what the porn star in the accompanying porn video was doing to her partner onscreen”, Cox explained.

She predicts that the pace of the technological development which soon allow anybody to create DYI avatars.

Pleasure in Three Dimensions

Another trend mentioned by the sex expert is 3D customised porn. While 3D is already widely used, adding modifications, for example creating “realistic looking vaginas” and undressing a character by “pulling the clothes off with their ‘gaming’ hands”, is going to become more and more popular.

“It’s estimated that by 2025, porn will be the third largest virtual reality sector behind video games and the NFL. Who wants the bog standard variety when you can have a 180 or 240 degree view and feel immersed in the scene playing out in front of you?” she concluded.

Future is Sexbots?

Another popular feature believed to have a bright future is sexbots of all sorts and kinds. According to Cox, half of all Americans see such dolls being common in just 50 years. According to the relationship expert, sexbots could even compete with flesh-and-blood partners.

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Virtual Sex With Deepfake Models Will Change Future of Porn, Webcam Girl Warns
“In fact, it’s speculated that by 2050, human-robot sex will be more common than human-human sex. Good news for lonely people who find it hard to form sexual relationships – and good news for bored couples who want variety but don’t want the fallout that happens when you invite other humans into your bed”, she noted in her column.

Sexbots are said to solve several problems that one might face in a regular sexual relationship, for example, getting pregnant, catching a disease, or inviting a stranger to a married couple’s bed in pursuit of new pleasures. At the same time, talking, showing different expressions, and responding accurately are already a reality in the newest models.

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