Meteor or Rocket? Mysterious Fireball Caught on Video Over Guam

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The US National Weather Service suggested that the strange flying object might’ve either been a meteor breaking up in our planet’s atmosphere or perhaps debris from a recent Chinese rocket test.

Residents of the island of Guam were apparently treated to some celestial fireworks displays this week as a number of people in the region witnessed what looked like a “fiery ball” streaking across the sky on the evening of 27 December, The Guam Daily Post reports.

According to the media outlet, one of the people who witnessed this event said that "it was one long streak, then it broke off, and then started disappearing".

Commenting on this spectacle, the US National Weather Service suggested that it was probably “a meteorite breaking up in the sky as it enters the Earth's atmosphere”, adding that “another possibility is this could be debris from an earlier Chinese rocket or booster test”.

As the news outlet points out, China had conducted a launch of a heavy-lift Long March 5 rocket on the same day the fireball was spotted in the sky.

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