Mia Khalifa Puts On T-Shirt With Russian Emblem in "Preparation for WWIII" Amid US-Iran Tensions

© Photo : miakhalifa/instagramMia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa - Sputnik International
While Mia Khalifa’s cunning stunt seems to have earned her the appreciation of a number of social media users, it wasn’t immediately clear whether they were complimenting her idea or her good looks.

As social media users take stock of the current tensions in the Middle East that were recently stoked with the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani by a US drone strike, former porn star and queen of PornHub searches Mia Khalifa stepped forward to put her two cents in.

Noting how the hashtag #WWIII is now apparently trending on Twitter, Mia mused how the “US is in contention with Iran” and how “Iran is an ally of Russia”.

​“Me, just in case”, she tweeted, posting a photo of herself dressed in a red shirt emblazoned with Russia’s national emblem.

This move seems to have earned Mia the praise of a number of netizens, though whether they were complimenting her idea or her good looks wasn’t immediately clear.

​Many social media users, however, did not look particularly amused; some of them even accused her of seeking attention.

And there were also those who responded with porn-related jokes…

…while one user suggested how Mia could up her game.

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