Pregnant Michelle Williams Credits Abortion for Her Career at 2020 Golden Globes

© AFP 2023 / Rachel LunaMichelle Williams at 2020 Golden Globe Awards
Michelle Williams at 2020 Golden Globe Awards - Sputnik International
Williams' speech about a woman's choice not to have a baby sparked an avalanche of negative comments from Twitter users, who doubted the actress did the right thing when she chose fame and money over giving birth, and whether it is ethical at all to promote abortion as an accomplishment.

Michelle Williams took a moment on stage at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards to tout an abortion she once had for allowing her to have a successful career as an actress, the Daily Wire reported on Monday.

"I'm grateful for the acknowledgment of the choices I'm made, and I'm also grateful to have lived at a moment in our society where choice exists, because, as women and as girls, things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice", Williams said happily.

The famous actress added that choosing not to have a baby at the time allowed her to build a career of her own and "choose when to have children, and with whom", and advised women to "vote in their own self-interest like men have been doing for years".

However, Williams' talk did not seem to resonate with what a lot of people think about abortion. Netizens, including journalists and politicians, rushed to express doubt as to whether the choice the actress made years ago had a role in what she has achieved today.

"On one hand you have a little statue. On another you have a living child. Michelle Williams thinks she has won an award because she had an abortion, and she lives only because her mother didn't. Clearly she has her priorities figured out", one of the users tweeted.

Much more discontent was triggered by the fact that Williams was delivering her pro-abortion speech with her own pregnant tummy clearly visible.

"Michelle Williams who dropped out of school at 15 and had an abortion stood there while being pregnant... Telling women they too can kill a child and be successful like her. She proved Ricky's point 100 percent", a user tweeted.

Williams' words have apparently offended a lot of mothers who found her speech shameful when considering the choices they themselves made.

"Dear Michelle Williams...I'm glad your mother didn't choose the violence of abortion. Every human life has purpose. And we can all flourish in a world that values the planned AND the unplanned. My wife didn't need abortion for "success", one of the netizens wrote.

There were also some partly sad, partly sarcastic comments about the wrong perception being given of feminism with such statements, with some tweets making references to the ongoing scandal around former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has come under attack from a lot of Hollywood actresses for alleged sexual harassment.

Another question that bothered some users was whether it is moral to praise abortion as an accomplishment, or as an example others should follow.

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