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Is ET Watching Us? ‘Orbs’ Swarming Around SpaceX Ship, Leaving ISS, Excites Conspiracy Theorists

© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg ArtemyevSpaceX Dragon Cargo
SpaceX Dragon Cargo - Sputnik International
Elon Musk’s cargo rocket boosting Starlink satellites into orbit have already tickled the nerves of YouTube alien hunters after one of them spotted something strange passing by on the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch livestream. According to him, a winged object resembling a dragon was lurking below the rocket.

Multiple “UFO-like objects” around SpaceX’s Dragon cargo craft, which departed from the International Space Station has prompted some online commenters, searching for the “truth out there”, to imply some kind of alien surveillance.

One YouTube channel dedicated to conspiracy theories has shared a clip cut from NASA’s livestreamed video of the ship leaving the ISS with numerous orbs and other shapes, lurking behind. A user with the handle Disclose Screen “The Grimreefar”, who shared the footage with his 27,000 subscribers, defined them as “literally hundreds of UFO orbs seen around Space X Dragon departure”.

“That was insane. Those orbs are everywhere”, one delighted commenter posted, while another suggested that we will not be able to find out the truth for a long time: “The truth will be kept hidden as long as the USA dominates space”.

The user with the handle Tina Tankersley also shared their opinion: “They are working very hard up there”.

Some conspiracy-minded commentators wandered away from the alien version but offered another take on the mystery behind this clip: “All those ‘space’ shots are filmed underwater and you’re seeing air bubbles”.

Many had a more down-to-earth point of view, noting, for example: “Definitely ice-particle-shaped unintelligently controlled swamp gas”.

SpaceX Starlink Mission - Sputnik International
Did Elon Musk Say Dracarys? Dragon-Like Thing Spotted Lurking Around SpaceX Rocket
The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch livestream, dating back to November, already raised the suspicions of this conspiracy theorist last year. According to the blogger, who has dedicated his channel to UFO sightings, a winged object resembling a certain mythological fire-breathing creature appears in the video lurking below the rocket as it reached the upper atmosphere.

"The only thing I can explain that it is, and I'm not saying it is, but it looks like a flying dragon object", the conspiracy-theorist said.
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