What is That Thing? Twitter Puzzled Over Weirdly-Groomed Feline

Sometimes giving a haircut, especially a bad one, to one's pets can backfire; this video, which was uploaded to Twitter, is proof of just that.

A grey cat has been caught on camera launching a feline trademark attack which involves arching its back and running sideways. This kind of behaviour already looks weird enough, but what makes the whole situation even weirder is the cat's particularly outlandish haircut - its body is shortly-trimmed while its paws and the tip of its tail are fluffy. From afar, the cat looks nothing feline or of this world.

​"I’m literally crying and shaking right now. WHAT IS THAT THING?!?!", one user replied to the video.

Another user noted that the bad haircut must have caused the cat to behave this way.

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