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Netizens Tickled as Umpire Scolds Tennis Player For Asking Ball Girl to 'Peel Banana'

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A seemingly innocuous clip of French tennis player Elliot Benchetrit on Saturday went viral as he was handed a banana by a ball girl when taking a break during his Australian Open qualifying match.

French tennis player Elliot Benchetrit had a red-faced moment on court at the Australian Open on Saturday, as he got told off by the umpire for asking a ball girl to peel a banana for him.

​The world number 231 was taking a break during his qualifying match against Dmitry Popko when he was handed a banana by the ball kid.

The 21-year-old then requested the girl to peel the fruit for him.

The ball girl cast a confused glance up at umpire John Blom, who proceeded to tell the French player off.

She handed the piece of fruit back to the player as he looked at her, then the banana, in disbelief before he used his teeth to bite the top of the banana off then peeled it.

The clip, which went viral the moment it was posted on the internet, showed Benchetrit seeming to argue with the umpire and become visibly annoyed. The player then got up and proceeded with the match, which he won, qualifying for the first round of the Australian Open.

Benchetrit later blamed social media for posting the 10-seconds long clip that was taken out of context and did not show the whole situation.
However, a longer video posted soon after seemed to confirm the previous impression.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova also retweeted the video with the caption:
"What's next grapes? #entitlement. John did the right thing, that's for sure."

​Fans went online to comment on the “fruity” incident, with many slamming some players for treating ball kids “like slaves”.

​Other netizens disagreed, though, and offered their reasoning.

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