Brexit Britain is Not Racist

© REUTERS / TOBY MELVILLEA pro-Brexit supporter holds a placard at Parliament Square on Brexit day
A pro-Brexit supporter holds a placard at Parliament Square on Brexit day - Sputnik International
Today is Brexit Day. Today is Nigel Farage’s day. But most importantly today is your day. Make no mistake you, the great British Public are the ones most responsible for delivering our country back from the ‘mafia’ like grip of the undemocratic EU.

All day until 11 pm when Big Ben should have bonged there will be a parade of politicians and campaigners sitting on TV sofas being lauded as the masterminds who have delivered us from ‘tyranny’. However, the actual truth is that without the grit and determination of millions of ordinary Brits this would never have happened.

We refused to change our minds at every step of the way, despite the bullying, the fearmongering and the condescension of our so-called political masters and the establishment elite and we won.

Now we must show the same fight and determination to face the challenges ahead and also to defeat the new enemy of democracy and free speech which are the Common Purpose Cultural Marxists who have never been elected but have been forcing their warped ‘snowflake ideology’ on all of us for years.

Is Quoting Sheakespear Racist?

This fightback starts with joining the campaign to get Alastair Stewart his job back after the cowardly decision by ITN to sack him for accurately quoting Britain’s greatest ever writer, Shakespeare.

There is no way that the quote he used implied that Martin Shapland was an actual ape. Alastair wasn’t acting like some racist moron on a football terrace making monkey chants and throwing bananas at our black players. He is NOT a racist.

But companies, schools, universities and our public services are terrified of the ‘woke brigade’ and capitulate at the first sign of any trouble and hence why a brilliant journalist and presenter of 44 years’ experience has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, the bonfire of the modern ‘progressive’ vanities so to speak. In fact, Alastair has been treated more harshly than a racist monkey chanting football hooligan and that is clearly wrong.

Are we really meant to believe that Alastair, who many black and Asian broadcasters testify helped their careers, suddenly woke up one morning and decided to put down Martin, who was clearly irritating him in their Twitter spat, with a racist slur?

Of course, he didn’t.

The fact is that Martin saw offence where these was no intended or real offence. He and his supporters took the word ‘ape’ completely out of context and I have to say many in the mainstream media, again terrified of losing even more sales or viewers, followed suit.

But at the risk of being accused of being ‘Horseist’ they backed the wrong horse!

A Limited Worldview

None of them even managed to print the whole quote or indeed explain the plot of Measure to Measure to their readers. If people knew the plot and the context of the quote they might begin to understand why Alastair used that particular Shakespearian speech.

The speech is given by Isabella in the play as she pleads with Angelo to release her brother, Claudio who is facing death for having sex outside of marriage. Angelo has been put in temporary power by the Duke, who runs the country, to test out his character. However, Angelo ‘bigs’ himself up and turns into a tyrant. Angelo is only willing to release Claudio if she consents effectively to let him rape her.

It is Shakespeare’s version of the Harvey Weinstein ‘Me too story’: he has the power - she must submit.

In the speech, which Alastair tweeted, she is saying Angelo is no real or true leader with no real experience, he is merely puffed up with his own pride and temporary authority. He is a man of limited intelligence and experience of the world.

We have all met people like this, haven’t we? People who have a limited world view and can only argue the one point.  Our tribal politics are full of examples of this, i.e., Trump is bad and therefore he can never do good, Russians are the enemy, all Tories are evil etc, there are no shades of grey in their world or on Twitter and dare I say it they see everything in ‘black and white’. I guess you could accuse me of the same with my views on the EU if I am honest!

I believe this is the point that Alastair was making. That you shouldn’t act like an ignorant ape, you should be able to hold more than one argument in your head and not act like a tin pot Hitler when given any form of authority.

He had used the same quote before on a white twitter user but Martin decided to make an issue of it, I presume because as a black person he saw the word ape and immediately associated it with his skin.

RSC is Colour Blind, So is Britain

Let’s be straight, as I said about hooligans, Monkey is often a racist trope. But the reality is that we can all, regardless of our skin colour, act in an ape like way, can’t we?

Alastair was not saying because you are black you are like an ape! He was talking about intelligence and debating skills, not race.

I have just been to see the brilliant new David Copperfield film in which Dev Patel plays the lead and many of the traditional white roles are played by people of different skin colours.

The RSC have been doing this form of integrated or colour blind casting for ages. Giving the roles to the best person regardless of skin colour. It works for our greatest Shakespearian theatre company and it works in this new movie. Now we need to see this working in our wider society.

Well actually I think it does work already in modern society. Many families, including my own, have mixed race relationships in them.

Many families understand that some people, including their relations and friends, have same sex relationships and don’t give a toss.

Britain has changed and we are a much more tolerant society from when we entered the Common market in 1973.

We are not the racist, misogynistic, sexist homophobic society that ‘remainers’ and so-called progressives like to paint us.

Of course, we must challenge prejudice and real racism whenever it rears its ugly head and condemn it. However, as we embark on the new Britain as a sovereign nation again we also need the Cultural Marxist Common Purpose ‘permanently offended brigade’ to stop acting in an ‘apelike manner’ and all work together to build a bright optimistic and brilliant new Britain.

Happy Brexit to you all.

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