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Lacking in Charm: Pit Viper Bit Famous Indian Snake Rescuer Who Is Now Under Watch for 72 Hours

New Delhi (Sputnik): A renowned wildlife conservationist from India, who has captured over 50,000 stray snakes, was rushed to hospital in the state of Kerala after a deadly pit viper bit him during a rescue operation.

Vava Suresh was in the southern Indian town of Pathanamthitta to rescue the snake from a crowded area. The difficult part of the operation, controlling and capturing the reptile, was completed smoothly. However, when the conservationist tried to treat the crowd that had gathered around to a glimpse of the viper, the aggravated snake attacked and bit his finger.

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In order to receive better medical aid, Suresh was taken to a Medical College located in his hometown, the temple-city of Thiruvananthapuram, media reported on Friday.

Doctors treating the snake-enthusiast revealed that Suresh has a history of snake bites. Back in 2017, the wildlife lover had mentioned that over 3,500 snakes had bit him since his childhood, out of which over 350 bites were by poisonous serpents.

The medics are concerned that Suresh’s body could have become resistant to the anti-venom treatments.

As of now, the snake rescuer has been kept under observation for 72 hours.

The 46-year is recognised as one of the best-known snack catchers in southern India, especially Kerala, which is home to 110 species of snakes.

According to WHO estimates, about 2.8 million Indians get bitten by snakes annually, leading to 46,000 deaths and 140,000 disabilities. The total number of snakebites and deaths is harder to determine, as most incidences occur in rural areas and go unreported.

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