'Definitely a Compliment': Flight Attendant Reveals What It's Like to Be a Meghan Markle Lookalike

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The flight attendant admitted that she doesn’t mind that people constantly confuse her with Meghan Markle because the latter is “an amazing woman”.

Christine Mathis, a 32-year old flight attendant who works for the JetBlue airline in the United States, has ended up registering as an official lookalike of American actress and wife of a British prince Meghan Markle, due to how often she gets mistaken for her, the Daily Star reports.

According to the newspaper, Mathis has already taken part in a photoshoot with a lookalike of Prince Harry, inset, and apparently plans to take things further.

"I want to do corporate and TV work, but my absolute dream would be to play Meghan in a movie about her", she confessed.
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As Christine explained, people have been comparing her to Meghan ever since the actress appeared in TV show “Suits” years ago, when the air hostess worked in first class.

"Passengers would stop me and say I looked like ‘that girl from Suits’," she recalled. "It happened a few times, so I googled Meghan and it was really flattering. She’s stunning, so it’s definitely a compliment."
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Публикация от Christine Primrose Mathis (@meghanmarklelookalike.us)

Eventually, being mistaken for Meghan became almost a daily occurrence for Christine, especially after the actress and Prince Harry got married.

"I flew from LA to New York for work one day and security thought that I actually was her until they checked my passport, which was hilarious", the flight attendant reminisced. "I also had a mole removed and my dermatologist was convinced that I was Meghan and just using a fake name. Passengers always tell me I look like her and say to me, ‘You’re married to a prince, why are you working as an air hostess?’"

She also added that while it happens quite often, she doesn’t really mind as Meghan Markle is “an amazing woman”, and she actually feels flattered to be mistaken for her.

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