Aliens Are Human Descendants Travelling Back in Time to Study Previous Generations, Claims Scientist

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Although his theory sounds like a plot from a sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Professor Masters insists that it can be tested and this fact gives his theory “a little more credence”.

Aliens are distant human descendants that travel back in time to study past generations, says Michael Masters professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University in the United States, who detailed his theory in a book called “Identified Flying Objects”. In it he discussed several issues that have been bugging conspiracy theorists and ordinary people for years.

Pale Human-Like Creatures With Big Heads

People who allege they have encountered aliens speak of pale human-like creatures with big heads. Professor Masters says trends in biological and cultural anthropology indicate that future humans will have a form similar to that.

"These are namely an expanded neurocranium, increase in brain size and more importantly, a change in the shape of the upper skull where it becomes more globular and more rounded, retraction and reduction of our lower face which has dominated the last six million years of human evolution. So just looking at the most ubiquitous descriptions of these individuals, if we can take that seriously and we can believe these reports, the fact they consistently describe a bipedal, big headed, small face hairless, very human-like being I think is worth taking into consideration", the scientist told the Daily Express.

Laws of Physics, Innovation, Flying saucers

Professor Masters claims that the laws of physics do not prohibit time travel. The scientist says that Albert Einstein in his famous theory of relativity detailed a way in which backward time travel is possible. Masters believes that given our history of technological innovation it’s just a matter of time before humans figure out how to engineer a time machine and the materials to withstand energy and force that impact it during time travel.

"You have van Stockum, Professor Frank Tipler, the Gödel universe, all of these models and all of these formula that have been developed out of Einstein’s original field equations demonstrate that if you have a large enough mass or highly energetic body with rotational force, it can create rendering and it can create the reorientation of late cones toward the past and therefore closed time-like curve", the scientist told the Daily Express.

As for flying saucers, so-called alien ships that people allege to have seen over the years, Professor Masters says they are probably time machines themselves, citing rotational force.

Although his theory sounds like a plot from a sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Professor Masters insists that is "testable" and this fact gives his theory "a little more credence".

"If we continue to exist, we will eventually reach a point where we know whether or not that is us getting in these craft and travelling back in time to study our own evolutionary past or even if we annihilate ourselves and destroy the human race, we’ve still essentially tested and falsified this hypothesis", the scientists said in an interview with the Daily Express.

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