Mysterious 'Object' Spotted in ISS Live Feed by UFO Hunter Puzzles Netizens

© NASA . handoutISS astronauts adjust truss above New Zealand
ISS astronauts adjust truss above New Zealand - Sputnik International
A user first to notice the speedy flying object suggested that its shape was “more like an ice cream cone, pointy in the back and rounded in the front”, not a typical shape for normal rockets or the more familiar spacecraft known to humanity.

YouTube conspiracist Scott Waring spotted an "unidentified object" in the live feed of the International Space Station, moving past the orbital platform before "turning upward and shooting off into space."

Waring is keeping a constant watch on the NASA live feed, and posted a video fragment featuring the 'UFO' on his of UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel. 

“I was watching the NASA live space station cam when I noticed the camera zooming in on a strange object coming from below the space station. At first I thought it was a capsule or satellite, but its speed increased and after 22 minutes it shot up and into deep space. I believed if it was a capsule it would have gone into low earth orbit then lower to land. But when this object shot upward into deep space, it literally blew my mind,” Waring wrote in his caption.

Waring suggested that his UFO could be a US Air Force “top secret alien tech fused craft”, but later dismissed his idea, then suggesting that the person on the camera “seemed dismayed and unprepared for its sudden appearance”.

“Also," the Youtuber continued his narration, "this coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire out of control, its possible that aliens know what going to happen and they decided abandon the earth. The virus may be very dangerous to aliens too.”

Later, NASA shut down the claims noting that the so-called unidentified flying object was either space junk, a reflection, or reflected light from Earth.

The NASA mention did not stop restless alien hunters and UFO enthusiasts from commenting, suggesting their versions of what the ISS camera recorded.

"It looks like a water droplet. I find it interesting that it follows the same distance as the space station and that when they zoom in, that is when it appears to fly up," a Youtuber said.

"Swamp gas reflecting light from the moon," another remarked.

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