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A table of “I voted!” stickers are seen at a polling station as voters cast their ballots for the presidential primary election on Super Tuesday in San Francisco, California, U.S. March 3, 2020 - Sputnik International

Live Updates: Biden Projected to Win at Least 8 States in Super Tuesday Primaries

Despite former US vice president and now Democratic candidate Joe Biden's decisive victory in the South Carolina primary, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is still leading the Democratic presidential race.

Fourteen US states are holding their Democratic primaries on what is known as Super Tuesday, including California - the "golden state" - which holds the biggest number of delegates - 415.

There are now only five candidates left in the Democratic race after former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar dropped out ahead of the Super Tuesday vote to endorse Joe Biden for the presidential bid.

The latest Super Tuesday polls have also projected both Biden and Sanders to gain the largest vote share today, while their Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren is expected to drop out of the race unless she is able to pull off a shock result in one of the Super Tuesday states. 

Super Tuesday primaries are the first to feature former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who skipped the primaries in the first four states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

The fifth candidate from the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard, is also refusing to quit the race.

A total of 1,345 delegates, or 34 percent of all Democratic convention delegates, are to be selected on Super Tuesday, which means that 40 percent of the total number of pledged delegates will have been allocated by today, taking into account the four primaries or caucuses that have already been held.

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California is the biggest prize among the fourteen primary contests being held on Tuesday, colloquially known as Super Tuesday, with 415 delegates up for grabs. Candidates need 1,991 delegates to secure the party nomination.

So far, Sanders has won in his home state of Vermont as well as Colorado and Utah, while ex-US Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed a big night and is projected to win the Democratic primary contests in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Arkansas.

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Former US Vice President Joe Biden is poised to win the Democratic primary race in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren's home state, Fox News projects. At stake are Massachusetts’ 91 delegates.

03:19 GMT 04.03.2020
03:01 GMT 04.03.2020

Biden received 54.4% of the vote, with US Senator Bernie Sanders coming in second with 23%. No other Democrats won more than 15% of the vote and will not get delegates from the state.

Virginia has 99 delegates at stake and delegates are distributed proportionally among candidates who have received more than 15% of the vote.

02:54 GMT 04.03.2020
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02:43 GMT 04.03.2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign plans to 'take another look' after Super Tuesday results, NBC News reported.

02:24 GMT 04.03.2020

With partial results in five Super Tuesday states, Joe Biden is projected to win at least 74 delegates, while Bernie Sanders 33, Michael Bloomberg 4 and Elizabeth Warren 1, Reuters reported, citing Edison Research

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01:02 GMT 04.03.2020

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is slated to win the Democratic primary race in the state of Alabama, Fox News has projected. Alabama is one of fourteen states holding contests on Tuesday with 52 delegates at stake.

00:46 GMT 04.03.2020

Healthcare is the top issue among US Democratic voters in the primaries on Super Tuesday, a CBS News exit poll revealed.

Democratic primary voters say healthcare is the most important issue (36 percent), followed by climate change (23%), race relations (19 percent) and income inequality (18 percent), the exit polls showed on Tuesday.

A separate exit poll by ABC News shows that 49 percent of Texas voters would like to return to Obama-era policies while 34 percent want more liberal policies and 12 percent want more conservative policies.

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00:34 GMT 04.03.2020

Joe Biden is slated to win the Democratic primary race in the state of North Carolina, Fox News has projected. North Carolina is one of the key states on Super Tuesday with 110 delegates at stake.

00:10 GMT 04.03.2020

US Senator Bernie Sanders is projected to win the Democratic primary in his home state of Vermont, CNN said. Winning Vermont, one of fourteen states holding contests on Tuesday, gives Sanders only 16 delegates.

00:07 GMT 04.03.2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win the Democratic primary race in the state of Virginia, FOX News reported. Virginia, which has 99 delegates at stake, is one of fourteen primary contests being held on Tuesday.

23:39 GMT 03.03.2020
23:12 GMT 03.03.2020

"With Klobuchar and Buttigieg out of the race, this is also the first time that we can learn how their voters are leaning in the absence of their top choice," Chris Cooper, PhD from Western Carolina University's Department of Political Science & Public Affairs says.

"With Sanders almost certain to take large states like California, Biden must perform well in states like North Carolina and Virginia to make the case that this is a two-person race. This is also a must-win day for Warren, who has strong support among a vocal group of voters, but has been unable to garner significant votes until this point."

23:03 GMT 03.03.2020

Several Tennessee polling places will stay open extra time after the state was hit by deadly storms overnight

22:06 GMT 03.03.2020

Nine out of ten Democratic primary voters in the states of California and Texas and eight out of ten in North Carolina, Massachusetts and Virginia say they will support party nominee regardless of who it is, Edison Research exit poll revealed.

21:53 GMT 03.03.2020
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