Jordan Peterson Teases Fans With New Post as He Reflects on the Benefits of Diversity

Canadian clinical psychologist and public lecturer Jordan Peterson has been out of the public eye for some time now following his emergency detox treatment in Russia. He is now back in North America, and fans could not be more excited about his occasional Twitter updates.

A recently published clip featuring Jordan Peterson touching upon the sensitive topic of diversity in conversations with Dr Mehmet Oz definitely did not leave the professor’s followers indifferent.

In the video titled “Jordan Peterson: Negotiating 101”, which was filmed during one of the psychologist’s earlier appearances on “The Dr. Oz Show”, Peterson reflected on the importance of the existence of a variety of sociocultural personality traits and views within society, while reiterating his stance that the differences between the sexes tend to increase with equality.   

“If you look at the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia for example and Northern Europe, the differences between men and women in these traits is actually larger than in the rest of the world”, the professor asserted during the talk. “So what seems to happen is that as you remove the sociocultural constraints for men and women, the genetic differences maximise. So that’s a very complicated problem, no one’s come to terms with that”.

He also suggested during the show that a diversity of opinions was still crucial in any society.

“The answer to the problems that are posed by many situations are far from obvious and that diversity of opinion is actually necessary to address them properly”, Peterson insisted.

These reflections immediately sparked a flow of comments from YouTube users, where the video was initially published, and Peterson’s Twitter followers after he shared the clip.

“Discourse is so important because you never know who is right and the landscape is always changing. It’s uncomfortable to disagree but crucial for survival and a good life”, one user wrote.

Many of his fans were simply happy to see their psychology guru being active on social media again following his prolonged illness and absence from public life. Some also pointed out that they were waiting for new content from the professor.

Peterson has only recently returned to North America following treatment in Russia. The reason for the therapy was that he had started suffering “both a physical dependency and a paradoxical reaction” to the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine, which he was prescribed a few years ago.

Jordan Peterson speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA - Sputnik International
‘The Master is Back’: Fans Ecstatic as Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Shares a Family Pic From Russia
The dose was increased last year after Peterson’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, however, it led to some severe consequences for the psychologist, including suicidal thoughts. In the wake of several unsuccessful rehab attempts in North American hospitals, Peterson was urgently brought to Russia for emergency detox treatment and, according to his daughter Mikhaila, has been slowly recovering from his illness and is now having “some good days”.

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