Netizens Go Crazy After Finding Out Barack Obama Follows Hardcore Pornstar on Twitter

© REUTERS / Kamil KrzaczynskiBarack Obama making his first public appearance after leaving office, April 2017
Barack Obama making his first public appearance after leaving office, April 2017 - Sputnik International
The 44th president is an active user of the social media platform, where he expresses views on political and social issues in the United States and the world. He often declares his love and admiration for wife Michelle. Just recently he posted: “In every scene, you are my star". Well, hope this will help, sir…

Netizens have gone crazy since finding out former US President Barack Obama follows a hardcore pornstar on Twitter (spoiler: not one). The topic went viral on social media with users asking why the 44th president, a family man and a father of two daughters is linked to Sara Jay, dubbed “one of the most curvaceous adult film stars”.

​Despite heated debates, the overall reaction was positive with users wondering why can't the president get a little naughty?

One user noted that Obama followed the adult film actress during his presidential term.

​​Some netizens posted memes showing how Sara Jay and Obama would react after seeing the news story go viral.

​Others wondered how Michelle Obama would react to the news…

​Some netizens were disappointed to know that the man, considered by many as one of the best presidents of the United States, is into adult films. Yeah, like we don’t have bigger problems now…

​Others used the opportunity to post memes and funny videos.

​At the time of writing this article the 44th president is no longer following Sara Jay, but one user found out that Obama follows another pornstar…

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