'I Found an Alien Skull': Ufologist Claims to Have Proven Life Existed on Mars

It is not yet proven that there are signs of life on the red planet, but enthusiastic alien hunters have been consistently searching.

Conspiracy theorist Scott Waring claims to have found a very 'human-like' alien skull in photos of Mars available in the NASA database. Waring claims that his 'skull' clearly shows that its owner 'died in pain'. 

​"I found an alien skull in one of the Curiosity rover photos in sol 410. The soul has lots of detail, you can even see two large teeth in its wide open mouth", Waring said on his website. "Awesome fossil find and is absolute proof that aliens once lived on Mars. But the fact that it died laying on the surface and its mouth wide open makes me think it died in terror or pain."

Despite Waring's claims, sceptics reportedly see only a manifestation of a pareidolia – the psychological phenomenon of the brain tricking the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface. The so-called alien skull is arguably just a rock in a shape similar to a creature's bones. 

Waring is a conspiracy theorist, UFO enthusiast and an author of several online books about aliens. 

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