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What’s Corona-Crazier: Nude Girl Straddling Wall Street Bull or Cleanroom Suit-Dressed Man in NYC?

© AP Photo / Mark Lennihan / Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues on Lower Broadway in New York City
Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues on Lower Broadway in New York City - Sputnik International
Everyone goes crazy in their own way. With around 39,000 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in the state of New York and a state of emergency declared some residents (or visitors?) have found several eye-catching ways to entertain themselves.

A bombshell photo of a nude blonde girl straddling the Wall Street “Charging Bull” statue in the Financial District of New York City has been circulating online since Friday morning.

The moment was caught on camera by a NY Post photographer on Thursday, and according to the outlet, the anonymous cowboy-hat wearing model and her friend, who was taking pictures of the setting on her iPhone, took off the moment they realised that they had been spotted. Both heroines noticeably disregarded any sanitary measures despite the state of emergency and quarantine in New York City.

The move attracted a strong reaction on social media, as many tried to find a correlation between the nude girl’s ritual performance and high jumps in the US stock market on Thursday.

However, some other social media users pointed out to another detail, that had gone unnoticed to many, which was the fact that the snap of the naked-on-the-bull performance also featured a figure of a person, presumably a man, standing nearby fully dressed in a cleanroom suit, or what is known as a “bunny suit”.

The presence of a fully anti-contamination-environment-suit-dressed fellow in the empty streets of the city remained unexplained by the photographer, raising even more questions about the surrealism that appears to be talking corona-stricken New York.

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And it’s really up to us to decide what was really going on in the Financial District at that splashing moment.

On 12 March, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency in the city as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the whole state rose to almost 39,000 this week.

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