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'Luckily, Only Kills Elderly People': Swedish Doctor's Coronavirus Take Roasted on Social Media

© AFP 2023 / JONATHAN NACKSTRANDAn elderly woman walks on melted snow in Djurgaarden area in Stockholm on March 21, 2011
An elderly woman walks on melted snow in Djurgaarden area in Stockholm on March 21, 2011 - Sputnik International
Compared with the rest of Europe, Sweden remains an outlier in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The Scandinavian nation has been consistently avoiding lockdowns which several epidemiologists dismissed as “unreasonable” and ill-conceived.

Swedish bacteriologist Agnes Wold has landed in hot water for her controversial take on the coronavirus epidemic.

“It's a real pathogen, of course. It kills people and so on. But luckily, it basically kills only elderly people. In fact, we have to be pretty grateful for that”, Wold, a professor of clinical bacteriology at the University of Gothenburg, said during the show Skavlan aired by national broadcaster SVT.

Wold also said during the programme that the most important thing about the coronavirus epidemic was “not not mix generations”.

“It is not really dangerous if 30-year-olds infect each other, if we are to be completely crass”, Wold explained, but pointed out that the younger generations “absolutely mustn't” meet the elderly.

Previously, Wold made several demands in order to participate in the show. Among other things, she demanded five empty seats around her seat on the train to minimise the risk of infection.

“They can fork out. It was a requirement. My policy is to keep people away”, Wold told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Wold's unfortunate phrasing made many of her compatriots see red.

“When cynicism got a face”, one user tweeted.

​“What is this obnoxious view of our elderly? So with that logic, should we ignore our homeless poor pensioners? I value everyone equally, regardless of age. Distasteful of Agnes Wold!” another said.

​“Agnes Wold has an utterly disgusting view of humanity”, another one chimed in.

​“No, Agnes, we should not be grateful that our loved ones are suffocating to death on ventilators. However, we should be grateful that younger people often do well”, another one tweeted.

​Sweden has been an outlier in tackling the outbreak of the virus. While restricting gatherings upward of 50 people and advising to practice social distancing and self-isolation, Sweden's measures are nowhere near the total lockdowns imposed across Europe. For instance, restaurant customers can still be served at tables instead of takeaways, whereas preschools and primary schools are still running classes in person.

Former chief epidemiologist and today's adviser to the World Health Organisation Johan Giesecke even slammed fellow European nations for having taken “political, unconsidered actions” instead of those dictated by science.

His opinion was shared by the Swedish Public Health Authority's head of analysis, Lisa Brouwers.

“They don't seem to have thought very far ahead. The strict line recommended in various countries is not sustainable”, Lisa Brouwers told Swedish Radio. “It's unreasonable. We cannot shut down an entire society, travel, transport, and social interaction for several years. It's not possible. I don't think it's even desirable. The economy will have collapsed long before”.

So far, about Sweden has confirmed about 3,550 cases, with 102 dead and another 239 receiving intensive care. The average age of the victims was reported as 83. Given the recent spike, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he didn't exclude that the capital area of Greater Stockholm will be isolated.

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