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Video: Footage Captures Additional US Clusters of UFOs in Triangular Formation

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The mystery surrounding the multiple sightings of unidentified orbs coasting through US skies is continuing to perplex netizens after the recent emergence of additional footage that shows a much larger pod of orbs rotating as a unit before moving into the distance.

Earlier this month, Sputnik reported on two separate UFO sightings in the US states of Washington and Texas. In both cases, eyewitnesses were able to record pods of red lights moving while in formation in the sky.

Recently, YouTube channel “Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar'” uploaded a compilation of seven UFO sightings in the month of March and included one clip that showed orbs appearing to exhibit the same characteristics as those seen in the aforementioned footage.

Unlike the UFOs previously seen of this kind, this particular formation includes a total of seven lights that rotate as a triangular pod before traveling into the distance. The clip at the 3:52 timestamp shows a more up-close view of the UFOs.

Unfortunately, all that is known about this event is that it took place in Seguin, Texas, according to the YouTube page. Many YouTubers speculated in the comments that the UFOs seen could actually be top-secret aircraft being tested by the US military.

“I think one or two of these are the army and the police playing with their new toys,” YouTuber Paul Storey asserted.

The first sighting of this kind came out of El Paso, Texas, at 7:15 p.m. local time on March 17. Mario Rios, the one who captured the footage, appears to sound a bit scared as he attempts to make sense of what he is seeing.

The second clip, which came out of Seattle, Washington, on the night of March 20, showed a trio of orbs traveling in a uniform direction before stopping and changing formation.

“I’ve never seen lights like that before,” YouTuber Denspion, the recorder of the footage, is overheard saying. “They’re stopping. Those aren’t planes,”

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