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Live Updates: Russia Confirms 954 New Coronavirus Cases in 24 Hours Bringing Total to 6,343

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, with over 1,270,000 confirmed cases across the world and at least 69,450 fatalities from the disease.

Nations affected by the coronavirus are introducing further measures to curb the spread and urging people to stay at home to be safe and also ease the pressure on healthcare systems amid the crisis.

The United States remains the country hardest hit by the pandemic with almost one-fourth of the world's infected (at least 337,000), while Italy and Spain remain the main centre of the outbreak in Europe with the highest numbers of deaths (15,887 and 12,641 respectively).

Germany, in the meantime, is approaching 100,000 confirmed cases.

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18:58 GMT 06.04.2020

"208,837 people have been tested, of whom 51,608 tested positive. As of 5 pm on 5 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 5,373 have died," the Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom said in a statement.

18:19 GMT 06.04.2020
18:08 GMT 06.04.2020
17:20 GMT 06.04.2020

According to a graphic posted on Twitter by the health minister, the total number of cases reported in Turkey since the start of the outbreak is now 30,217, up 3,148 from Sunday. The COVID-19 death toll in the country currently stands at 649 after 75 new deaths were reported, according to Koca.

A total of 1,326 people in Turkey have recovered after contracting the disease, an increase of 284 in the previous 24 hours, the minister said.

16:30 GMT 06.04.2020

Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) says that is has developed a treatment for COVID-19 based on the drug Dalargin, and clinical trials of the treatment are getting underway, the agency’s press service stated on Monday.

"The Federal Medical-Biological Agency has developed a treatment for severe forms of pneumonia that lead to respiratory failure caused by a coronavirus, based on … the synthetic hexapeptide Dalargin", the agency said in a statement.

Dalargin is already accredited in Russia as a treatment for trophic ulcers and protecting vital organs such as the lungs and liver, the agency noted.

The new treatment has already been tested on animals, with success rates between 70 and 100 percent, the agency stated.

"Given the high tolerance and safety of Dalargin, which has been proven in tests, the FMBA is today launching clinical trials of Dalargin for the treatment of severe pneumonia caused by the coronavirus, which is accompanied by respiratory failure and the risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome", the agency’s head Veronika Skvortsova said in the statement. 

16:19 GMT 06.04.2020
16:10 GMT 06.04.2020

The daily rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Greece has fallen sharply, as 20 new cases of the disease were reported on Monday, compared to 62 new positive tests confirmed on Sunday, Health Ministry representative Sotirios Tsiodras said at a briefing.

Greek medical authorities reported a record 129 new cases on Thursday, but the daily rise in the number of positive tests has since decreased.

During the briefing, Tsiodras confirmed six new deaths as a result of the disease, raising the overall death toll since the start of the outbreak to 79. He stated that 90 people remained in intensive care and 269 people have been discharged from hospitals after contracting the disease.

According to the deputy minister for civil protection Nikos Hardalias, the decline in new cases was an encouraging sign, but measures to curb the spread of the disease could not yet let be lifted.

15:08 GMT 06.04.2020

The number of cases of the coronavirus in Indonesia has reached 2,491, with 218 of them being registered over the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

According to the ministry, 11 new fatalities have been registered in the country, bringing the total death toll to 209. Meanwhile, a total of 192 patients have fully recovered.

In late March, Indonesian President Joko Widodo declared a health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. As a part of measures to curb the pandemic, the authorities have also temporarily banned entry and transit services for foreign nationals.

15:04 GMT 06.04.2020

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health on Monday has confirmed 522 new COVID-19 cases, the lowest day-on-day increase over the past three weeks, raising the overall number of those infected to 21,652.

According to the health authorities, 584 patients have died from the disease, with 25 of the fatalities being recorded over the past 24 hours.

13:38 GMT 06.04.2020
13:35 GMT 06.04.2020
13:26 GMT 06.04.2020
13:17 GMT 06.04.2020
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12:47 GMT 06.04.2020
12:23 GMT 06.04.2020
12:09 GMT 06.04.2020
11:34 GMT 06.04.2020
11:26 GMT 06.04.2020
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11:22 GMT 06.04.2020
11:03 GMT 06.04.2020
10:52 GMT 06.04.2020
10:42 GMT 06.04.2020
10:38 GMT 06.04.2020
10:21 GMT 06.04.2020

"At the moment, Vocalis Health is working hard to create COVID-19 diagnostic technology. The company uses patented voice analytic solutions to find a way to distinguish between the voices of healthy and infected people. For this purpose artificial intelligence is used", Kenes Rakishev, investor of Beyond Verbal, part of the Vocalis Health app said in a statement obtained by Sputnik.

10:05 GMT 06.04.2020
09:51 GMT 06.04.2020
09:48 GMT 06.04.2020
09:32 GMT 06.04.2020

"GoAir is open for bookings from 15th April 2020 for its domestic flights. And the airline is open for bookings for international flights from 1st May 2020", a spokesperson for the company said.

09:25 GMT 06.04.2020
09:23 GMT 06.04.2020
08:56 GMT 06.04.2020
08:47 GMT 06.04.2020
08:17 GMT 06.04.2020
07:55 GMT 06.04.2020
07:37 GMT 06.04.2020
07:37 GMT 06.04.2020
07:26 GMT 06.04.2020
06:35 GMT 06.04.2020
05:10 GMT 06.04.2020
05:10 GMT 06.04.2020

NEW DELHI (Sputnik) - The number of coronavirus-related deaths in India has reached 109, while 490 people have tested positive in the past 24 hours, bringing the total count to 4,067, the country's Health Ministry said on Monday.

The previous data indicated that there were 3,577 COVID-19 active cases across the country.

According to the Health Ministry, 291 people have recovered from the disease, and 109 have died.

The western state of Maharashtra is the most affected by the virus — the state has 690 cases. The capital territory, Delhi, has 503 cases, and Tamil Nadu has so far confirmed 571 cases.

04:47 GMT 06.04.2020

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has jumped by 3,677 to 95,391, and the death toll has risen by 92 to 1,434 in the past 24 hours, the Robert Koch Institute said.

According to the latest data, the majority of cases have been recorded in Bavaria (24,974), North Rhine-Westphalia (19,384), and Baden-Wurttemberg (19,395). Berlin has 3,670 cases.

Germany remains the third most affected country in Europe after Spain and Italy in terms of the number of COVID-19 patients. There are over 620,000 cases throughout Europe.

04:45 GMT 06.04.2020
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