It’s Back and It’s Glowing: Mysterious Cigar-Shaped UFO Seen in Nebraska Sky

© Blogger photo Youtube/MrMBB333Cigar-shaped UFO Seen in Skies of Nebraska
Cigar-shaped UFO Seen in Skies of Nebraska - Sputnik International
The long, slender object has frequently been spotted in recent months in North America, including New York, Wyoming, and Washington, but it has also appeared in other parts of the world, including in Europe and Latin America.

A mysterious cigar-shaped UFO has been spotted again in the United States, this time over the city of Omaha, Nebraska. However, on this occasion the eerie object, instead of floating in the air, raced through the sky. Its colour was different, too. In past videos, it was black, but now it was blue and glowing.

The incident was recorded by an amateur astronomer, who sent the video to the popular YouTube channel MrMBB333, which is dedicated to mysterious events. The video quickly went viral, with more than 12,000 people seeing it.

Many netizens agree that the enigmatic object in the sky is a sign of extraterrestrial life. One user wrote: "That's no meteorite. I've witnessed meteors coming in and whatever that is, it's not of nature".

Another said: "There are what they call rods. Instead of the usual round ufo’s we’re used to, those are shaped like cigars".

One netizen joked that aliens decided to check out whether there is anyone still alive on Earth, since most of the streets worldwide are empty due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Still others said that they had seen similar objects in the sky. One user wrote: "I caught it vertical yeah it kinda looked iridescent. I'm in West Phoenix. But caught it in South Mountain area".

Snake or cigar-shaped UFOs have been spotted quite frequently in recent months in the United States, but they have also been seen in Scotland and recently in Brazil, where it had an unusual colour.


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