Ancient Pyramids on Mars Found, Claims UFO Enthusiast

© NASA . JPL/Malin Space Science SystemsMars pole
Mars pole  - Sputnik International
Despite the fact that no evidence of extraterrestrial life has been found, there are true fans of the idea who don't stop believing that we are not alone in the universe. Mars is one of the more popular planets among enthusiasts seeking evidence of alien civilizations.

UFO hunter Scott Waring claims to have found what he calls two "ancient pyramids" on Mars after leafing through some NASA photographs online. He posted the photos in his blog, ET database, and shared them on Twitter. He suggests that the pyramids might have been used by "intelligent species".

"They look ancient but have survived the test of time", he writes in his blog. "Both pyramids are about three meters tall by five meters wide. A smaller species than us humans for sure, but nevertheless... an intelligent species". 

Both pyramids are situated close to one another and have something that looks like an "entrance" that faces the NASA rover camera. 

Waring is a self-described UFO hunter who digs within NASA databases to find evidence of extraterrestrial life and then posts his 'scoops' in his blog. Earlier, Waring claimed that artifacts on the surface of Mars were what he believed to be "ancient skulls" of a creature that "died in pain".

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