UFOs or Lanterns? Flying Objects Seen in the Night Sky Over US Cities - Videos

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While the prospects of the flying objects featured in the videos being UFOs were over mulled by some netizens, many seemed to settle for a more mundane explanation.

A peculiar sight was recently spotted and filmed in the sky above at least two major population centers in the United States, leading some social media users to wonder whether they witnessed a whole swarm of UFOs cruising through the night.

As KIOZ radio station points out, the two videos (the veracity of which couldn't be immediately confirmed) were recorded on 3 April and 4 April in two US cities located in different states (in Detroit, Michigan and in Cleveland, Ohio respectively), with both vids featuring "a very similar cluster of objects and flight pattern".

Warning! The following videos contain strong language and may offend sensibilities

Some netizens commenting on these videos on YouTube claimed they saw something similar in other parts of the country: for example, user "Michael Bodega" wrote that "same thing" was observed over Portland, Maine, though the flying objects there apparently weren't moving and seemed "a little dipper", while "Exploring with 420URBEX" said they "saw the exact same thing this morning in Stoke-on-Trent UK".

A number of social media users also argued that the objects seen in the videos might be merely "Chinese lanterns" that were launched into the sky, as "Todd Nickolas" stated that on April 4 there was "Qingming Festival 2020 - release lanterns to honor deceased".

And at least one user mused that a "disclosure will happen soon", as apparently "so many UFOs are being filmed all over the world".

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