Just Visiting: Adorable Penguins Walk Across Cape Town Amid Lockdown

© Photo : YouTube/Virus ZonePenguins stroll along Cape Town during Covid-19 quarantine
Penguins stroll along Cape Town during Covid-19 quarantine - Sputnik International
People may be staying inside during the lockdown, but that doesn't mean the streets are deserted. There is always someone who needs to walk there and get some business done, while others just take a rare opportunity to visit big cities when there are no crowds!

Penguins are regular inhabitants in the area and can often be spotted along the coast of South Africa, but during this quarantine they've decided to take a trip to the big city - walking across Cape Town like a group of tourists! Unfortunately, these birds have no cameras to take some photos or videos from their journey, but don't worry because surprised residents took plenty of photos and even shot a video.

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