UFO Hunter Again Accuses NASA of Conspiracy as Live Cams Freeze After Spotting 'Alien Object'

© Photo : Scott C. WaringScreenshot of alleged 'UFO object' caught on NASA live cam, April 2020
Screenshot of alleged 'UFO object' caught on NASA live cam, April 2020 - Sputnik International
Some enthusiasts believe that we are not alone in the universe and have dedicated their lives to the search for 'evidence' of extraterrestrial life - on NASA live cams, archive space photos and databases - believing that government officials hide signs of the existence of aliens.

Scott Waring, an enthusiastic UFO hunter, has again accused NASA of concealing "evidence" of a UFO in video footage taken from live cams on the International Space Station. He claims that a moving object in the far left side of the screen is a UFO, and the fact that NASA immediately cut to a red screen as it appeared live proves that the US government is .

"I was looking at the NASA live cams of the space station and noticed something in the far left side of the screen. As I watched... just as the cylinder object was just about to come into focus...NASA cut transmission and went to red screen. Red screen is the updated old blue screen. So I wasn't sure it was a UFO at first, but when NASA also noticed it and went to red sceen... it sealed the deal", Waring wrote on his blog, providing video and two screenshots.

Waring alleged that the object might have been "a threat to national security", therefore NASA hid the image. He described the object as "undeniably solid" and appearing to be similar to a space station arm. 

The self-described UFO hunter also claimed that it was due to the sunlit side of Earth coming into view that purported "UFOs shields malfunctioned for a short time". Waring recommended anyone eager to see UFO evidence should take a camera and try to observe a few sunsets. 

Waring is a UFO enthusiast who runs his blog ET Database dedicated to finding proof of extraterrestrial life. He frequently makes wild claims based on images he collects from NASA databases and media footage on his blog and YouTube channel.

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