It’s All About Money: Ufologist Claims Pentagon Released UFO Videos to Get Additional Funding

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An encounter between US pilots and an eerie tic-tac UFO occurred in 2004 and was captured on video, but the world became aware of it only 13 years later when it was released by the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, an organisation that conducts research on extraterrestrial life. In 2019, the US Navy confirmed the veracity of the videos.

The US Department of Defence may have edited the newly released UFO videos, claims Oleg Kurbatov head of the Russian Ufology Association. Kurbatov said the US military intentionally released the videos in order to justify the hefty funding that it gets from the government and may have added the mysterious object to the footage in order to receive more financial support.

Another reason why the Defence Department decided to share the videos, explained Kurbatov, is the fact that they don’t reveal classified information. "As in previous videos released by the authorities there is no valuable information on the objects, there’s nothing to study", he told Russian media.

On 27 April, the US military released three videos that it said show evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The encounter with a mysterious tic-tac UFO occurred in 2004 during military exercises. Two pilots from the USS Nimitz were tasked to check the object spotted near the aircraft carrier. According to the pilots, the UFO flew at high speeds above a mysterious turbulent area of water below them. Commander David Fravor, who chased the enigmatic object, said that the radar tapes related to the incident went missing.


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