‘Always Listen to Grandpa’: Fans Hooray News About Dr Jordan Peterson’s Newborn Grandchild

The prominent Canadian professor and lifestyle book author gathered many of his subscribers in the comments section on his Twitter account when he announced inspiring news about a new bundle of joy in the Peterson clan.

Acclaimed psychologist Dr Jordan B Peterson has taken to Twitter to announce he is now a two-time grandfather since his son and his wife have welcomed their baby son into the world.

While a great many expressed their warmest wishes for the now bigger family, some focused on the importance, as they believe, of granddad Jordan taking part in the child's upbringing - and even home schooling given his "brand of courage and intellect":

"Maybe we will need a 13th Rule for Life...Always listen to Grandpa", another wishful subscriber wrote cheekily, whereas some hurried to welcome Peterson back "into the limelight":

"And may it be a masculine child", one user posted, sparking a debate about whether the child is a boy or a girl, as despite Elliott commonly being a boy’s name, since quite a few families have been using the name for their daughters.

The University of Toronto psychology professor and conservative guru earlier shared with his followers that he had set about giving his YouTube biblical series a new lease on life in the form of podcasts on his namesake website, starting with the first one - "Introduction to the Idea of God".

The academic is also understood to currently be working on a follow-up book to his best-selling "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos", released in 2018 and to be looking for an illustrator for the sequel.

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