UK Reportedly Mulls Buying Smart Rifles Which May ‘Transform the Battlefield’

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The sophisticated scope has already been tested by Delta Force, the United States' most elite tactical combat group, which praised the device as "outstanding".

The UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) is considering the purchase of so-called SMASH smart scope rifles which may turn all SAS soldiers into sharpshooters, The Sun cited an unnamed British defence source as saying. The scope's price tag is estimated at about £800 ($900).

“This weapon sight could really transform the battlefield. It should reduce the risk of accidental deaths because it will only allow shots to be fired at an identified target”, the source underscored.

The official added that the scope's performance specifications “massively reduce the risk of a stray round killing or wounding an innocent bystander”.

“Stray bullets from high velocity rifles can go through walls, doors, and cars, so knowing that when you pull the trigger you are going to take down a target and nothing else is a game-changer”, the source stressed.

SAS are reportedly interested in acquiring the smart scope rifles after the elite US combat group Delta Force touted the device as "outstanding" following tests.

“The individual fire control system Smart Shooter significantly increases the chances of accurately hitting the target in all shooting modes”, this tweet reads.

Developed by the Israeli company Smart Shooter, the SMASH electro-optical fire control setup enables a soldier to place a virtual tag on a target seen through the rifle's scope, and if the trigger is pressed, the gun fires only if it is correctly lined up.

A Linux-based computer installed on the scope calculates angles and distance, as well as the expected spin drift of the bullet and even the wind direction.

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