UK's Most Famous UFO Sighting Was Just a Hallucinogen-Induced Military Experiment, New Book Claims

The events that took place in the Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest back in 1980 still cause a storm of speculations about the extra-terrestrial nature of mysterious lights spotted by US military personnel several nights in a row. However, not everyone agrees that it was UFO that should be blamed for the cryptic occurrence.

A new book by British “mysteries” researcher Nick Redfern claims that the Rendlesham Forest incident, which is believed to be the UK’s most famous UFO sighting, was actually the result of “a series of top-secret” government experiments.

The manuscript, titled “The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy”, suggests that researchers from the secret laboratory nearby used hallucinogens and advanced holograms to test humans’ response to manipulation in order to potentially apply similar means against enemies on the battlefield later.  

“I'm certain one of the most famous UFO cases of all time was really a series of top secret experiments using holograms, mind-control programs, deception, disinformation, conspiracies and cover-ups. The shocking truth of a forty-year-old mystery can now be revealed,” Redfern wrote in the book’s abstract.
CC BY 2.0 / Draco2008 / Rendlesham ForestBeginning of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail
UK's Most Famous UFO Sighting Was Just a Hallucinogen-Induced Military Experiment, New Book Claims - Sputnik International
Beginning of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail
“The whole situation was nothing but an incredible, disturbing series of tests to see just how far the human mind could be manipulated - and how such technologies could potentially, one day, play significant roles on the battlefield,” the author explained.

He argued that the goals of throwing the experiment against military personnel in the late-night woods were geared at the “creation of holographic UFOs that could interact with not just the environment, but with those who were in its presence, too.” According to the writer, there was evidence that “at least some of the men were affected by hallucinogens”.

The described events are believed to have taken place on the nights of 26 and 28 December in 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, just outside the RAF Woodbridge air base, where United States Air Force (USAF) personnel were stationed.

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According to the witness statements, including those by the Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander, the personnel encountered sightings of some mysterious bright lights and a glowing metallic object, which they believed could have been of UFO origin, as the purported craft was moving away through the woods as the witnesses were approaching it. The UK Ministry of Defence has never properly investigated the events which they publicly said were not of “defence significance” and did not pose any threats to national security.

Meanwhile, Redfern is deemed to be a prominent “mystery solver” who has written more than 60 books on such subjects as the Loch Ness creature, Chupacabra, the Roswell UFO conspiracy, and many others.

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