Twitter Crossed Bridge by Putting Fact-Checker Tags on Trump's Tweets, Radio Show Host Says

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US President Donald Trump has promised to sign an executive order calling for a series of legislative and legal actions to prevent popular social media platforms from policing their users' content.

As the US president has accused social media giant Twitter of harbouring an anti-conservative bias, Sputnik spoke to "Trucker Randy", who hosts the "Your Defending Fathers" conservative radio show in Northern Michigan, who offered his views on the ongoing Trump-Twitter spat.

Sputnik: How would you assess Gov. Whitmer's actions on Memorial Day? Can this lead to further protests? What consequences it might have on Whitmer's career plans? 

Trucker Randy: I think people need to understand that Governor Gretchen Whitmer is on an agenda with her Chinese counterparts, including Vice President Joe Biden. You have to understand this as an entire agenda-driven activity to hurt President Trump during this presidential year.

And what it is, basically, she has chosen to lock us down here in the state of Michigan under the Wuhan-China virus model. And as a result, she's signed one hundred and three executive orders, more so than any of our surrounding state governors have done. And she's trying to basically collapse our economy so that it hurts President Trump and helps Joe Biden win the presidency here in the state of Michigan.

And this is another example of doing as I say, not as I do, and her feeling that she's an elitist and that she's trying to become Joe Biden's vice presidential nominee. 

Sputnik: Is that an option?

Trucker Randy: I don't see it being an option for a couple of reasons. This past Friday in doing the breakfast show with the black radio host there in New York. You know his comment about, well, if you don't know whether you're going to support Trump, then you ain't black. I think it is basically limited or reduced his options to where he's now going to have to pick a black woman to be his vice president. 

Sputnik: Yesterday US President Donald Trump accused Twitter and social media platforms as a whole of “totally” trying to “silence conservative voices”, and warning that he and Republican lawmakers would “strongly regulate or close them down before we can ever allow this to happen”. Would you agree with the President? How would you assess Twitter’s move?

Trucker Randy: As a radio show host, whether you're a TV or newspaper, you're in an obligation as a publisher. And, well, Twitter is not a publishing company. They are not supposed to be pushing a particular agenda or an opinion. They're providing a platform.

Well, they cross that bridge when they put that fact-checker tags on a couple of President Trump's tweets. They then basically became a publishing company. And that's a hole here in the United States. That's a whole different set of rules that you have to operate under.

And I totally support the president there. They're restricting his freedom of speech, his First Amendment rights. 

Sputnik: How political is this move, bearing in mind that the US election season is approaching?

Trucker Randy: Totally. It's a thousand percent political. That and Zuckerberg at Facebook, along with all of the other liberal, a group, an absolutely progressive, agenda-driven folks. They hate this president.

They cannot stand the thought that he's going to get reelected this year. And they're doing every single thing they can to make sure that doesn't happen. And the other aspect to this, too, is here in Michigan, just again, another example of how Governor Gretchen Whitmer is absolutely tied into it. The previous CARES act that got passed.

Money came to Michigan allocated to us. We knew about how much money was coming here. They skimmed 4.5 million dollars out of the China virus money to help people here in Michigan help our businesses.

And our secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, mailed out 7.7 million applications for people to apply for an absentee voter ballot to vote by mail. And that was supposed to be China virus money. Now, they skimmed it right off the top. Now you're telling me that they don't have an agenda to try to keep our state shut down? I'm thinking for sure, at least through the August 4th primaries, but possibly until November 3rd, enforces all the vote by mail.

Sputnik: I talked yesterday with one expert and he said the Democrats are pushing this mail-in ballots agenda because then they can somehow influence and harvest the votes and that Republicans can be influenced by that. What do you think?

Trucker Randy: It's exactly true. Harvesting the ballots is what they do. I wouldn't trust the mail system, number one. Number two, I would not trust that my ballot would actually ever even be counted.

And there's going to be voter fraud. And I'm going to tell you something right now. If they tried to do this not only in the state of Michigan but perhaps nationwide and for any reason that Donald Trump does not win reelection, because we're not believing the polls.

We're not believing anything they're saying about these polls. These are the same polls they told us Hillary Clinton was going to be president back in 2016. OK, we're not going to accept in any way, shape or form the mail-in ballot situation voter fraud that's going to take place.

And if Donald Trump doesn't win reelection, I'm going to tell you something right now. I'm predicting it. There's going to be a major revolution by we the people here in the United States of America. We will not tolerate this president losing on a mail-in ballot system. 

Sputnik: President Trump said that he will sign an executive order “pertaining to social media” today. What does this mean for the First Amendment? Is this order dangerous for Republicans?

Trucker Randy: Well, it's we're with the president. We totally support him and him doing this. We've been yelling and screaming about this for years. I've been in Facebook jail for posting certain things over the years.

I have about 15 different pages on Facebook. Twenty thousand followers. I've been put in jail. 

I'm a person who took a picture of Governor Gretchen Whitmer's husband, Mark Mallory, his cottage home here in Antrim County, Michigan. I'm the one that took the picture and posted it on my Facebook page that her husband was up here, travelled over 200 miles from their home to be at his Memorial Day weekend home up here. And it's gone viral all over Facebook.

Well, I even had Facebook send me a comment so I couldn't state her address. It goes against their standards. And they deleted the address of the home that I posted the picture from. So, yeah, they're censoring us and the conservatives, the Trump supporters.

We're not going to tolerate it. And we totally support the president. And as a matter of fact, it's going to drive up. I predict he'll get more donations as a result of signing this executive order than it being a negative. 

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Sputnik: Do you think that all these attempts to somehow blame the president for everything - they just drive more support and more attention to him, not the other way?

Trucker Randy: Absolutely. Especially among independents, the ones that are sitting on the fence. They're not political animals. They're not Democrats or Republicans. They just look at this stuff. And in their gut, they know it's wrong. And I think it's actually driving more support and could end up causing him to win by an even bigger margin.

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