End Times: Doomsday Prophet Warns of Fire & Brimstone, Claims Apocalyptic Signs Are Everywhere

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According to TV host and doomsday conspiracy theorist Paul Begley, people are largely not ready for the signs of the Apocalypse in the “shattering heavens”.

Paul Begley, a preacher and Internet personality from West Lafayette in Indiana, is among those who claim that biblical signs of prophecy are unfolding, as doomsday preachers await the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Begley, who also hosts The Coming Apocalypse series on US TV, has expressed the belief that a neon-green fireball in the skies above Australia is yet another cue of the approaching end times, starting off by bringing up "the meteorites that are flying over our heads everywhere now”, as cited by the Express.

“It's starting to happen guys. Mike from the Around the World said it would”, he says, before outlining the “deal” - “a mysterious green fireball racing over the sky in Australia, in the outback, shocking some people about one o'clock in the morning, this morning, in Australia”.

He warned his audience, also familiar with the aforementioned Mike, another doomsday preacher and conspiracy theorist, that it his going to get “very intense” as a variety of “different things” is expected to happen:

"So it's very important that people realise in the last days the Bible talks about brimstone and fire falling from the heavens, and the Earth is going to be going through a lot”, Begley preached.

He portrayed the picture of the “shaking heavens”, citing anything from volcanic eruptions to Blood Moons and pontoons and arguing that mankind is not ready to face all of “what’s going to be happening in these end times”.

In April, Thomas Horn, an end-times connoisseur and SkyWatch TV show host, warned that a catastrophic impact from space was implied in the Bible's Book of Revelation, and it might well be Asteroid Apophis, which is expected to fly by our planet in the late 2020s. Speaking to Charisma News, Horn, author of the book The Wormwood Prophecy, cited his own prophetic experiences, with one centred on a vision of “a giant, fiery dragon deep in the heavens, swimming like a serpent toward the Earth”.

He went on to recollect that at some point he realised he was staring at a gigantic rock that was racing toward Earth through space.

“But as it was turning as it went through space; the way the Sun was lighting on the contours of it gave it the appearance that it was moving like a serpent through space", he recounted to the stunned audience.
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