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From Doyle-Moynihan Case to Durham Probe: Investigators Closing in on Clintons, Obamas, Analyst Says

© AP Photo / Evan VucciFormer Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton greets President Barack Obama after he delivered his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton greets President Barack Obama after he delivered his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington. - Sputnik International
American conservatives are determined not to let former corrupt officials and their "fake charities" off the hook, says Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel, touching upon the Doyle-Moynihan case against the IRS and the Clinton Foundation as well as US Attorney John Durham's criminal probe into the conduct of the "Trump-Russia" inquiry.

Independent expert forensic investigators and Clinton Foundation whistleblowers Lawrence W. Doyle and John F. Moynihan are continuing their legal fight against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over the latter's apparent unwillingness to scrutinise the Clinton charities' systemic financial flaws.

Why IRS Appears Reluctant to Punish the Clinton Charity

Under Barack Obama, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) became even more aggressive at protecting political allies and targeting political enemies, opines Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist who has been looking into the Clinton Foundation's alleged fraud for several years.

"This is seen clearly contrasting moves taken by Lois Lerner's Tax Exempt Division in coordination with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch while each served as attorney general", he observes. "On the one hand, threats to traditional Republicans and Democrats – Tea Party Conservatives – were attacked viciously and relentlessly, whereas the Clinton, Obama and Bush presidential foundations were allowed and are allowed to violate numerous laws in the guise of 'charity'".

Doyle and Moynihan filed a whistleblower submission with the IRS about the foundation's allegedly illegal activities in August 2017. Nevertheless, in November 2018 they received a preliminary denial from the revenue service. In December 2018, the investigators delivered a testimony concerning the Clinton Foundation's purported financial machinations and "pay-to-play" schemes at the US Congress. The whistleblowers' effort attracted a lot of attention from the general public while being largely neglected by the US mainstream media.

​Having received the final denial from the IRS in February 2019, Doyle and Moynihan did not give up and continued to support their case by filing an appeal to the Tax Court, which was eventually accepted.

​"As I read publicly available information, I believe that Doyle and Moynihan are trying to restore equal administration of laws when it comes to charities", Ortel highlights. "More important, they are trying to raise revenue for our sorely stretched governments by inducing these to levy fines, penalties and interest against charity con artists".

As for the silence of the US corporate-owned media, "most [of them] have thrived under a corrupt system and need to retain access to powerful Democrats who they are protecting in this pivotal election year", the Wall Street analyst elaborates.

Doyle-Moynihan Case is Broader Than Mere Charity Fraud Exposure

To keep the public aware of their efforts, the forensic investigators kicked off a sort of Twitter diary. The issues touched upon by Doyle and Moynihan go far beyond a mere charity fraud and shed light on what President Trump and US conservatives call "Obamagate", i.e. the previous administration's purported effort to disrupt Trump's presidency.

​"Reviewing what we know, so far, the Obama administration, John McCain and many others perpetuated gigantic hoaxes in vain attempts to overthrow Donald Trump after he fairly won the 2016 election", Ortel opines. "Offenses seen so far do frame this ongoing affair as one of the largest scandals ever. That so many powerful persons behave so criminally calls out for understanding what these conspirators are trying to hide".

The analyst believes that certain political dynasties, including the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obamas, "do not want the public to know how they gained favours and money tilting policies in favor of unregulated globalism and away from lawful nationalism".

"The American public, on the right and left, are sick of endemic political corruption and fearful for America's future", Ortel says. "Let us hope that more and more persons pressure regulators to take the Doyle-Moynihan effort to full, impactful fruition".

John Durham's Investigation Into Investigators

While Doyle and Moynihan are relentlessly building their case against the IRS and the Clinton Foundation, US Attorney John Durham is conducting an investigation into the FBI and DOJ handling of the inquiry into Donald Trump and his aides' supposed connections with "the Russians". As files declassified in ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's litigation indicated, senior intelligence officials could have deliberately framed Trump's associates, while top Obama officials, including the ex-president himself, apparently knew about these efforts.

With evidence implicating the previous administration's officials mounting on various fronts, Attorney General William Barr "must be fully prepared to indict cabinet-level officials as well as former US presidents", suggests Charles Ortel.

"At present, I suspect negotiations are ongoing between attorneys for potential defendants and the Justice Department", he says. "One or more of these discussions may yield plea agreements, obviating the need for trials. In other cases, potential defendants may decide to fight through very public trials that will acquire intense focus".

Meanwhile, former CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson drew attention to the unusual media silence of ex-FBI official Peter Strzok, who played a huge role in both operations Crossfire Razor (against Michael Flynn) and Crossfire Hurricane (targeting Trump aides) and former CIA Director John Brennan. "More than two weeks of silence from Strzok and one week from Brennan does not appear to be a mere instance of having nothing to say", the CIA veteran wrote in his blog on 27 July, suggesting that it might have been linked to John Durham's forthcoming plea deals and/or indictments.

The question then arises as to what would happen to the Doyle-Moynihan legal battle and Durham's "investigation into investigators" in case Trump loses in November 2020.

"I would hope these efforts continue either way", Ortel says. "But if a pitifully weak and obviously corrupt person – Joe Biden – somehow wins, I feel certain the Doyle-Moynihan cases will end up being restrained. This may also happen if President Trump retains the White House but if conservative Republicans lose sway in the Senate, or lose more influence in the House".

Nevertheless, the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers are determined to push their case through: "We are playing to win", Larry Doyle stated on Twitter on 24 July.

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