Boris Gets a Big F!

© REUTERS / John SibleyBritain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson - Sputnik International
Boris’ strategy for dealing with Covid is now clear. There is no strategy!

Instead we have a series of knee jerk reactions as the proverbial hits the fan again and again and again.

How else do you explain the reaction to the A level results, the closing down of Muslim areas a few hours before Eid, the quarantine order on Spain and France which have left thousands stranded and of course the U-turns on masks.

Did nobody in the cabinet realise that August was approaching and that the A level results would make them all look like dunces?

Granted, education Minister Gavin Williamson, didn’t really need any help in that regard. The Frank Spencer of politics has been making a fool of himself ever since he was the defence minister and had a tantrum and told Russia “to go away and shut up.”

It was at this point that I nicknamed him Frank Spencer but to be frank, Michael Crawford’s comic clown would make a better job on this educational crisis than Williamson.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna, center, speaks to the media during a press conference with a group of six other Labour MPs, in London, Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. - Sputnik International
UK Government Suffers From "Competence Deficiency" in the Face of Covid-19, Former MP Says

Mark my words (not the exam papers) the Government will be forced into another embarrassing U-turn on this fiasco as the pressure builds on them this weekend.

It is an absolute disgrace that thousands of kids have been so cruelly let down through no fault of their own.

It was Boris and his cabal of clowns who closed the schools and thought it was good idea to keep them closed whilst he re-opened the boozers.

They should have seen this iceberg coming and made a firm decision to go on the mock results or the teachers' expected grades months ago.

But of course, that would have made them trust the teachers and at present the narrative is that all teachers are lefty, militants who haven’t been working and are being obstructive about the reopening of schools.

This nonsense has been backed up by the ‘useful idiots’ in the right-wing press and the broadcasters who from the safety of their London flats or second homes in the country, have been telling everyone else including teachers to get back to work.

There is something quite sick about MP’s and their civil servants demanding that our educators should get back to work whilst Whitehall and the Commons remain empty.

Just on that note why on earth wasn’t the Commons recess and the MP’s holidays cancelled. Why the hell is Boris taking two weeks off now? Wake up and smell the coffee you fools the country is in crisis.

Where’s the promised Roadmap?

A few weeks ago, Boris was leading the applause for the NHS heroes now he is slagging off other public sector workers, teachers? Well I failed my maths O level but even I understand that doesn’t add up.

The chances of kids being back in the classroom by September are miniscule. Not because of the teachers, Boris, but because of you and your stupid knee jerk strategy which means that you have lost the dressing room and not just the teachers’ staff room.

Operation fear has worked too well and people are just too ‘frit’ to send their kids back and I don't blame them.

Boris, where is that roadmap you promised us?

Houses of Parliament at dusk, London, UK - Sputnik International
When Will UK's Economy Overcome COVID-Related Recession & Return Back on Track?

Opening a tattoo parlour or letting women having a quick dose of Botox from this weekend does not, despite your best intentions, divert our attention away from the fact that you are not on top of Covid.

We are still getting massive spikes all over the country.

Anyone fancy a sandwich from Marks and Sparks made in a factory in Northampton where 300 workers have gone down with Covid-19?

Let’s be frank, Boris was too slow to lockdown and now with the economy in freefall he is being too quick and reckless in relaxing the restrictions.

11 million quid spent on a track and trace system that doesn’t work and that any kid with a CSE in Amstrad computing could have told Boris and Hancock would never work without the help of Google and Apple.

F for fail again, Boris

You don’t need a degree in tourism to know that July and August are the busiest holiday periods and Brits need certainty on when and where they can travel, not ‘two minutes’ notice that Spain or France are now cancelled. 

If he was worried about transmission of the virus between countries he should have cancelled summer and told people not to travel abroad weeks ago.

Island - Sputnik International
No More Holidays in the Sun?!

But that, as even an 11 plus in biology would tell you, that would require balls and this government seem sadly lacking in that respect.

That’s why, unlike New Zealand, Boris never closed the airports and let thousands in and straight onto public transport without any tests.

You also don’t need a GCSE in home economics or even economics to understand that launching a national anti-obesity drive at the same time as giving people a tenner off junk food is a sure-fire way of getting another F Boris.

You don’t need a degree in peace studies or community relations from some poxy ex-poly, now called a university, to tell you that closing down Eid without explaining in detail why, is a guaranteed way to increase tension and division between communities.

F for fail Bojo!

However, you do need a degree in blooming common sense to understand that after a few beers and months of being locked up young people will forget not only their inhibitions as they get drunk but also the rules on social distancing.

Have people like Hancock, Shapps or even Boris ever been out on a real session or are they so drunk on their own power that they believe their own nonsense?

Media and communications degrees are often derided as Mickey Mouse degrees but, my god, do this cabinet of clowns need some training on getting their message over and making it clear what the rules are.

It is clear that, despite the fact that Boris went to Eton and had a classical education, he would fail history as he has failed to learn from it!

Boris’ expected grades as PM just a few months ago were A star but unfortunately at the moment, when he is really being examined, he is heading for a massive F.

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