Blink-182 Ex-Star Shares 'UFO' Image Online, Makes Enigmatic Remark About It

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In response to DeLonge's post, one conspiracy theorist suggested that it hints at the musician "looking for something more unique in sightings".

Popular American musician and Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge has recently managed to cause quite a stir among his sizeable social media audience by sharing an image of what looks like an unidentified flying object.

"Doesn't look 'supernatural' to me", DeLonge simply wrote in the caption, prompting a number of netizens to wonder aloud what he meant by that.

"Tom, why post a picture that looks as interesting as this, only to undermine it with a vague comment”, one netizen inquired. "So frustrating. At least say something about the image itself".

"Where is that from? Context?" asked another.

Yet another social media user also asked the musician to make a “list of videos” the latter considers "credible".

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"It's a giant wasteland out there and it is difficult to determine if a video is real or fake, I trust your judgement and research", they added.

As prolific conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring notes in his blog, the image shared by DeLonge seems to be a still from a video that was posted back in 2018 by Instagram account "ufolovers".

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Complaining about Tom not providing a "possible explanation" or a clue "as to this UFO sighting being real or not”, Waring suggested that the musician's "cryptic message to his Instagram users hints that he is looking for something more unique in sightings...and seems disappointed that its a mere classic disk design UFO even though its releasing an orb".

"I believe there is a simple explanation to this video. The orb is the pilot of the UFO wanting to get a closer look at things on the surface, but doesn't want to risk being seen so takes an orb which seems to come out of the pilot area”, Waring added, apparently referring to the original footage. "A sphere should be easier to cloak on the ground than a disk, because of the light bending. This alien pilot was heading to land someplace".
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