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Trump Says Biden Will Be Hailed as ‘Brilliant’ in Debates ‘If He Can Make It Off Stage Unassisted’

© AP Photo / Matt SlocumDemocratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden puts on a face mask after speaking at an event Thursday, June 25, 2020, in Lancaster, Pa
Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden puts on a face mask after speaking at an event Thursday, June 25, 2020, in Lancaster, Pa - Sputnik International
The Democratic National Convention kicked off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday, with Joe Biden expected to formally accept his party's nomination, and unite Democrats against Trump and the Republicans ahead of the November 3 election.

President Trump has reiterated his readiness to take on Joe Biden in a debate, but suggested that he expects the media to be slanted against himself in its coverage of the event.

“We want a debate, we’ve agreed. They’re making one mistake: they should have one of the debates before ballots start going out, the absentee ballots hopefully,” Trump said, speaking to Fox News on Monday morning.

“But we can see that Joe doesn’t wanna debate. But here’s the story: if Joe makes it through the debate – I think they’re an hour and a half, and I said only standing…the news will say ‘it was the greatest performance in the history of debating. He was brilliant, he was unbelievable, Joe Biden’. If he can make it off the stage and walk back unassisted, they will say it was the greatest debate performance in history. You know that, and so do I,” Trump added.

With the election now less than two months away, the Commission on Presidential Debates recently announced three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debates. The first debate is scheduled to take place on September 29 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

A sign counts zero days until the Democratic National Convention (DNC), which will be a largely virtual event due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S., August 16, 2020 - Sputnik International
Democratic National Convention: What You Need to Know
Commenting on the Democratic Convention, which kicked off on Monday in virtual mode in Milwaukee after a month-long delay, Trump slammed top speakers, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former Ohio governor John Kasich, and claimed that he “beat” them all in 2016.

“I know all those people very well. You remember, I beat em’ all last time. I beat Clinton, I beat Obama. Everyone said ‘oh Obama got into the campaign.’ I said ‘so what?’ He worked harder for Clinton than she worked for herself. Obama was all over the place. I kept saying ‘this guy’s campaigning harder than she is.’...These are the same people we beat last time and they’re not gonna unite, because they can’t unite. They don’t know how to unite,” Trump suggested.

Trump went on to complain about the media'’s alleged favourable coverage of Biden, despite his unusually rare engagements with the press during the campaign so far.

“He doesn’t take any questions from reporters. I keep saying to my people ‘here I am having bombs thrown at me every day by people that are totally, frankly dishonest reporters…and good a job in handling it…but this guy doesn’t come out of his basement, and he hasn’t taken one question,” he claimed.

Pundits have picked up on Biden's rare public and media appearances in recent months, and pointed to his propensity to ramble or make controversial statements, such his claim that African Americans are 'not black' if they don't vote for him over Trump, or calling a reporter a "junkie" after being questioned about his mental state.

Biden handily won the 2016 primaries, taking 66 percent of pledged delegates and 51 percent of the popular vote. His main rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, won 27 percent of pledged delegates and 26.5 percent of the popular vote. Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, dropped out of the race in December 2019, before any primary elections or caucuses were held, and has no delegates.

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama react after a heckler is removed from the East Room of the White House. - Sputnik International
Obama Reportedly Warns of Biden’s Ability to F**k Things Up', Shares Doubts on His Election Chances
Americans will head to the polls on November 3, with widespread mail-in voting expected to take place amid the coronavirus restrictions. Trump has repeatedly criticized mail-in voting, calling it “the greatest scam of all time” and alleging that it is ripe for fraud. Opponents have accused him of using the mail-in voting ballot issue as a pretext to contest the results should he lose.

According to the latest national polling, Biden has anywhere from a 4-10 point lead over Trump. However, polls also gave Hillary Clinton a 1-6 point lead over Trump in 2016, and proved to be wrong when it came to actual results due to America’s Electoral College system, which apportions votes to states, not the popular vote, to determine the winner of the election.

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