'Flying Lights' Spotted in US Skies Prompt Talk of Secret Spy Planes and 'Triangular Craft' Online

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One netizen suggested that the alleged craft depicted in the video may have had "kind of a visual force field" which rendered it invisible to the naked eye but still couldn't fool the camera.

A peculiar sight recently caught on camera in the US state of Indiana left a number of social media users scratching their heads and considering certain US military-related conspiracy theories.

A video and several pictures (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed), taken by one Glenna Sue T and revealed to the public by the MrMBB333 YouTube channel, show a group of lights (three in the video and five in at least one of the images) that appear to hover in a triangular formation above the road.

"It’s very stealthy, all you can see are the corner lights", the YouTuber remarked, describing the spectacle as "a different version of these triangular crafts that we’ve been seeing a lot more of lately".

As netizens discussed the things depicted in the video in the comments section, one of them speculated that “the triangle craft looks like it could be a TR3B” - an apparent reference to a supersonic stealth surveillance plane rumored to have been developed for the US Air Force but whose existence hasn't been officially confirmed.

And another social media user ventured a guess that "maybe this craft had some kind of visual force field" which rendered it "invisible to the naked eye", with the camera being able to pick it up because "cell phone cameras in pretty much all cameras pick up the visible and invisible light that human eyes can't".
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