Shiny 'Fast-Moving UFO' Captured on Camera Zipping Through Pennsylvania Skies

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In what budding conspiracy theorists have claimed to be an "authentic" catch, a shiny object distanced itself from a passenger plane and raced alongside it in a horizontal path.

A jaw-dropping video has emerged showing a silver object shooting through the skies adjacent to a passenger jet that is taking off from the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. "What is that?", says a woman in the background of the footage recorded by Mariah Lyn and later uploaded to a YouTube channel specialising in inexplicable phenomena called The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 where it was described as a "fast-moving UFO".

Depicting the weird video, shot from the plane cabin, the bewildered narrator says:

"To me, this object seemed to be traveling pretty fast. It looked metallic and dome-shaped, almost like your classic flying saucer".

According to the YouTuber, the "saucer" was filmed shortly after take off at around 11:20 a.m. on 20 August, and it doesn't fall into any category of frequently observed structures.

"This thing doesn't look like a drone, it certainly doesn't look like a plane, I mean there's no wings, there's nothing", the conspiracy theorist shared, with many viewers also tempted to believe the object was alien in nature and thus a truly "authentic" catch.

"It’s almost redundant to say amazing footage in 2020 but brilliant footage", one visibly astonished netizen said.

"IMO [in my opinion] this is 100% authentic footage", said another viewer, adding that the object appears to be "moving much faster than commercial air traffic", another commented.

The video comes as a "triangular craft" alleged to belong to the US military was recorded hovering over Indiana. Conspiracy theorists claim it is genuine proof that the "secret spy plane" really exists.

Separately, ufologist Scott C. Waring claimed the other day that there is an "alien base not far off the coast of Dubai". He made the statement after a video (the authenticity of which cannot be verified) sporting a flying saucer in the skies over the UAE's capital and financial hub popped up online.

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