US Troops Spark Fury After TikTok Clip Where They Bug Syrians With Questions About Mia Khalifa

© Photo : miakhalifa/instagram Mia Khalifa
 Mia Khalifa - Sputnik International
Khalifa, entered the porn industry in 2014 and according to the website Pornhub, soon became one of the most viewed performers. However, she caused outrage in the Muslim world after she appeared in videos wearing a hijab, a veil worn by Muslim women. Following their release she received death threats, including from the Daesh terrorist group.

Social media users have harshly criticised US soldiers after a video appeared on TikTok showing the servicemen quizzing Syrian citizens about former porn actress Mia Khalifa. The footage shows Syrian men apparently not understanding the question, after which US soldiers try to explain them who they are talking about. "Should've studied more Arabic" reads an on-screen caption after one of the Syrian men starts speaking.

​In the comments section under the video, deleted after publication, serviceman Richard Wolfgang described the men as "truly amazing people" and wrote that he was "fortunate" to meet them.

This, however, did not stop the barrage of comments most of which were negative. Many netizens found their behaviour disrespectful and noted that Mia Khalifa is from Lebanon, not Syria.

​Soldier Richard Wolfgang then posted a statement saying he and his colleagues were simply joking.

​…but it seems his explanation angered netizens more…

​Some netizens wrote they were not surprised by the behaviour of US soldiers.

​Still others found there was nothing bad or disrespectful in the actions of the US servicemen.

​Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality, best known for her short career in the porn industry. She became the most viewed performer, according to Pornhub and retained this title even after she quit the industry. She caused outrage in the Muslim world after she appeared in several porn videos in a hijab, a Muslim veil. After the publication of the videos she received death threats from people online and also from the Daesh terrorist group.

Now the 27-year-old is fighting against adult film companies as she feels they exploit young girls. Most recently she has been engaged in charity work trying to raise money to help the victims of the devastating explosion in Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

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