We Need Farage Back!

© Sputnik / Demond CuretonNigel Farage at the Brexit Party rally
Nigel Farage at the Brexit Party rally - Sputnik International
Did Nigel Farage leave frontline politics too early? The answer in the light of the latest shenanigans over us leaving the EU and this transition period suggest that he did.

However, to be frank it is not only the tortuous EU negotiations that need the Farage factor. We need his input and dare I say it, the threat from a populist leader like Farage on most of the big issues we face: The chaos at Dover needs his input, Coppers standing by whilst scraggy swampys blockade roads to stop the free press, the Woke culture that is infesting society, the future of the BBC and the nonsense over the appointment of Tony Abbot as a Trade envoy.

Overnight Nigel released a YouTube video with a tweet which stated, ‘We do not have a conservative government, we have a bunch of metro-liberals who are being pushed around by events instead of leading them. They have bowed down before the woke agenda.’

He is correct, so what are you going to do about it, Nige?!

Why not kickstart the Brexit party and act not only as a protest group this time but as a real political party and a real alternative to what we have on offer at the moment?

I am not blaming you entirely because, as we all know, the Brexit party was largely funded by dyed in the wool Tories who once Boris got his majority believed that he would lead us to the promised land of an independent sovereign nation.

However, It is now quite clear that Boris’s ‘oven-ready EU deal’ was not the Brexit we all voted for. As a result, relations with the EU have not thawed. In fact, it would appear that they have been refrozen.

It’s great, I guess, to see the UK threatening to tear up the withdrawal agreement but we have heard it all before. Forget words, we need action.

We are back in Groundhog Day territory with the remainiacs in the Establishment, the BBC and even in the Tory party again re-emerging and starting to kick off another form of operation fear. They are issuing absurd warnings that if we leave with no deal the UK is going to hell in a handcart.

In short, they are still trying to reverse our democratic decision……. AGAIN!

Do Your Duty, Nigel!

If Nigel was back in front line politics he could offer a real alternative to so many voters who feel politically homeless at the moment.

Let’s be frank: it was Nigel’s pressure that effectively brought down the ‘red wall’ and those votes in northern town would have gone to the Brexit party if his money men had allowed him to put up Brexit Party candidates. Traditional Labour voters didn’t just lend their labour vote to Boris, they diverted it from Nigel.

However, COVID has exposed Boris. Let’s be frank, his handling of the pandemic has been abysmal and his cabinet of inexperienced clowns has resulted in his falling popularity. There is now an opportunity which Nigel should grab.

To be fair to Nigel, without his sterling work on and his videos about Dover and the migrant invasion nothing would have been done or even highlighted by the MSM. It was a brilliant campaign and his tenacity and drive hit a popular nerve that Priti and Boris just couldn’t ignore.

Of course, Nigel should have been knighted for his lifetime commitment to Brexit but the Tories acted like spoilt kids and instead made Clare Fox a Dame. No disrespect to her but when the history of Brexit is written she will be not even merit a semi colon in the text.

He should have been involved in these transition negotiations too and instead of Boris talking tough we need him to act tough. Forget the clock ticking, we should just walk now.

I know that Nigel was privately educated and is a former banker but just like Donald Trump he has the common touch and is able to understand the frustration of millions of ordinary Brits, the decent silent majority if you like.

He knows how angry they are about the Extinction Rebellion louts blockading London’s roads and stopping their newspaper getting to their local newsagent.

Decent people know that this is an attack on the freedom of the press and free speech just as they know that the woke agenda and cancel culture is killing free debate and democracy.

The people who Nigel appeals to are fed up to the back teeth of our history, culture, literature and even TV programmes being trashed. These unelected cultural Marxists and common purpose activists have decided that their agenda is the only one in town and will not tolerate any dissent.

Establishment politicians on all sides are scared to death of upsetting these woke warriors, as are the big Corporations, so they bow down to this unelected mob and as a result, our society is changing and being damaged irreparably.

The UK political establishment needs a good dose of common sense. The kind of common sense that asks why did the police in Birmingham not issue a full description of the suspect they were trying to find after the stabbing spree at the weekend for the best part of 24 hours?!

I’m not calling for Nigel to be PM, that is an impossible dream, but I am calling for him and his party to be a real irritant and threat to this cosy establishment club called UK politics.

The time is right, the time is now. Nigel, please, do your duty.

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