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Gorgeous 'Global Girl' Pilot Reportedly 'Romped with Teen Girls' at Paedophile Epstein's Bidding

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Jeffrey Epstein - Sputnik International
In recently-published new photos from registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island, the late tycoon was shown surrounded by nubile young women, including Eastern European model Nadia Marcinkova, who has been suggested as a possible participant of his sex trafficking ring.

A stunning blonde pilot is now believed to be in the crosshairs of an ongoing investigation into possible accomplices of convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Nadia Marcinkova, 34, who now runs her own aviation company, is believed to have shared a “deep and close bond” with Epstein, and was also possibly one of the late tycoon’s "recruiters", writes the Daily Mail.

​Reports claim that Epstein, who was discovered dead in his prison cell on 10 August 2019 after being arrested in July 2019 on charges of trafficking underage girls, would pay girls to have sex with Marcinkova, who was 19 at the time, while he watched and took photos.

On other occasions, the alleged victims of Epstein’s sex abuse claimed Marcinkova would pressure them to engage in orgies with her and the billionaire paedophile.

According to British accuser Sarah Ransome, she once engaged in sex with Marcinkova and Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer, in New York. Dershowitz has denied the accusations.

As for whether Marcinkova herself was more victim or abuser, reports vary.

Epstein reportedly told some of his victims the girl was his ‘sex-slave’ after he bought her from her parents in Eastern Europe. Marcinkova’s parents are said to have denied this.

Lawyers for the woman claim that she was one of the billionaire’s many victims after being brought to the US from Slovakia at age 15.

Marcinkova was said to have loyally visited Jeffrey Epstein 67 times when he was in a Florida prison in 2008 for procuring a minor for prostitution, with one source reportedly saying at the time:

"They’re very close… She went mostly on weekends ... I guess you can call her his “squeeze”… Nadia and Jeffrey seemed to really love each other. It was as if they had a romantic relationship."

Nadia Marcinkova, who has since changed her name to Marcinko, has not given any official comment on Epstein or claims against him.

"Nadia wishes to express her compassion and support for her fellow survivors who also fell prey to Jeffrey Epstein’s predatory abusive behaviour," the woman’s lawyers were quoted by The Mail as saying.

Marcinkova is one of four women now reportedly the focus of the attention of ongoing investigations into Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, accused of being the billionaire’s “recruiters, groomers, sexual partners and friends”, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

​Also in the spotlight is Sarah Kellen, the alleged ‘deputy’ to Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently in a New York jail facing six charges, including sex trafficking and enticement of minors.

​Back in August 2019, US Attorney General William Barr warned Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplices they ‘should not rest easy’.

“Let me assure you that case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Victims deserve justice and will get it.”
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