Pizza Delivery, Epstein, or Space Poo? Netizens Divided Over Mysterious Object Seen Near ISS

CC0 / / South Side of Madagascar from ISS
South Side of Madagascar from ISS - Sputnik International
Footage of the object was posted on the YouTube channel MrMBB333, which is dedicated to mysterious sightings. The host of the channel revealed that he decided to watch a live feed from the ISS after learning that an air leak had occurred on the station.

Social media users were left divided after footage of an unknown object floating near the International Space Station was posted online. In the video posted on the MrMBB333 YouTube channel, the mysterious object is first seen floating towards the Earth before disappearing. It then reappears 30 minutes later and looks as if it is drifting towards the ISS.

The host of the channel said he first thought that the bizarre object was the Moon, but then contended that the Earth’s natural satellite is bigger than the object seen in the ISS live feed.

The host claimed that the object has the same colour as the ISS.

"It almost kind of implies that maybe there is an outside possibility that they are the same material because they are behaving to light the same, almost exact way. See, they are almost the same exact colour", the host said.

The video, posted on 27 September, has been viewed almost 40,000 times. Like the host of the channel, most netizens were left baffled by the object.

One user ruled out that the ISS’ live feed had simply captured the Moon:

"I could be mistaken but i don't think the moon would have crossed from one side to the other in 30 min.?”

Some users contended that there was nothing extraordinary in the findings.

"That's a meteor going around the Earth we're going to see a lot more", wrote one netizen.
"That is probably the debris from the failed Surveyer mission 50 years ago that is going into our orbit", suggested another netizen.

Other users believed the object is some kind of extraterrestrial creature.

"It looks creature like, the way its moving , creepy…" one user wrote.
"The 'thing' from ISS camera looked like it was 'crawling' when it moved!" exclaimed another netizen.

Many users thought the object could be behind the air leak on the ISS that astronauts have been trying to locate for days.

One user asked: "Maybe they lost a piece and that is why they are leaking....?"
"Now we know why the station is leaking air -- The plug fell out", wrote another.

Still others honed their humour.

One user wrote: "Pizza delivery".
"Someone on the ISS just flushed. It's a space turd", another assumed.
"I think it was the Epstein escape pod", wrote a third.
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