Sugar-Craving Raccoon Flips Out After Something Horrible Happens to Its Candy Floss

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Raccoon - Sputnik International
You know the annoying feeling that overtakes you after you by mistake throw your ice cream away in the dustbin instead of the wrapper? We all know that unsettling feeling that makes us go berserk for a while. Well, rest assured, it’s not just us, but apparently raccoons react just like humans in similar situations.

A video shows a raccoon enjoying a nice bit of white candy floss in what looks like a fun-fair when by mistake it drops its sugary snack in water.

Within seconds, even before the raccoon was able to process that it had dropped its treat, the candy floss dissolves into nothingness in the water, leaving the raccoon baffled.

The raccoon keeps looking for its floss restlessly until the end of the video.

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That raccoon is me. And that cotton candy? It represents my hopes whenever they forecast snow this winter...

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