Netizens Delve Into 'The Great Reset' Conspiracy Theories After Unearthing Trudeau's Old Video

© REUTERS / BLAIR GABLECanada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to leave a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada September 25, 2020.
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to leave a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada September 25, 2020.   - Sputnik International
While the World Economic Forum's ambitious plan, dubbed 'The Great Reset', to reform business practices to be more sustainable is no secret, conspiracy theorists still saw it as a sign that a "shadow world government" or "cabal", purportedly attempting to manipulate the rest of the planet's population, exists.

A speech by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a September UN video conference has received a new spin after they were unearthed by online conspiracy theorists, who saw in it signs of a global conspiracy purportedly brewing right under the noses of clueless ordinary people. Trudeau argued in his statement that the COVID-19 pandemic gives humanity "an opportunity for a reset", or, to be specific, to redouble global efforts to combat extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

Instead of an inspirational talk seemingly aimed at giving hope and meaning in troubled pandemic times, some netizens saw in his speech a link to a conspiracy theory called by some "The Great Reset", which suggests that 'global elites' are purportedly trying to redistribute world resources and unilaterally alter people's way of life, using the pandemic as an excuse.

Oddly enough, "The Great Reset", indeed exists, first suggested by the participants of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and has little to do with the conspiracy theory except for one thing – seeing the pandemic as a sign for long-needed change. But instead of changing all people's lives, the WEF's"Great Reset" aims at changing the way business is handled, to make it more fair, sustainable and less harmful for the planet's ecosystem.

Apparently, many netizens were either oblivious to the existence of such a plan, or simply did not trust that it could be true, suggesting instead that they are scared of seeing their worst conspiracy fears come true.

Some twitterians noted that the so-called global elites, purported to be behind plans of global transformation (and, apparently, world dominance), have become so bold that they no longer hide their "vicious" plans.

Several netizens saw the signs of a coming "new world order" in the speeches and phrases of other world leaders, such as "build back better".

Not all social media users are duped by conspiracy theorists, however, although "The Great Reset" is trending on Twitter. Many netizens simply twisted their finger at a temple at their attempts to give Trudeau's words for the UN a new meaning.

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