Boris Beat EU, Now Let's Beat COVID!

© REUTERS / SIMON DAWSONBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures - Sputnik International
Boris has done what he promised to do and got us out of the EU and secured a trade deal.

When it comes to the actual deal, of course, the cliché that ‘the devil is in the detail’ has never been truer but if Nigel Farage is largely happy with it, then so am I.

Boris should now immediately recognise that Brexit would never have happened without Farage and give him a knighthood or a peerage.

Boris has beaten the EU, many cynics in his own party and his critics, including me; now he must show the same determination to beat Covid and a host of other problems that blight the UK.

Boris has stated that we Brits must now, “embrace all the opportunities available to us as an independent nation.” 

He’s correct, so here’s a few of my suggestions.

Make the New Britain

He needs to continue with his plans to defund the BBC and remove their bias.

He needs to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights, which puts the decent silent law-abiding majority at the centre of policy, not the feral, the feckless and the freeloaders.

He needs to destroy the WOKE agenda by defunding Universities that do not protect and promote free speech.

He must CANCEL ‘cancel culture’ wherever it raises its ugly intolerant head.

He must demonstrate that tolerance is a two-way street and that freedom of expression, religion and thought is at the centre of our new Great Britain.

Brexit - Sputnik International
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He must give Priti Patel the power and money to get on top of immigration and introduce the points-based system.

The illegals entering at Dover also need to be addressed as a matter of urgency and we must send out a tough message, that queue jumpers will be immediately sent back to Calais.

At the same time, we need to toughen up the sentencing on those Brits who deal in this trade of human misery that ends up with people suffocating to death in container lorries.

Life meaning life is too soft a sentence for these merchants of misery.

The Police must be turned back from being a Police service into a Police Force. The only time they should bend a knee is when they are tying up their shoelaces which, as an aside, should only ever be regulation black, not rainbow coloured!

The British armed forces have done a brilliant job testing the truckers at Dover. So, now they must be utilised to accelerate the mass testing and vaccination programme that we so desperately need.

If we are to fully recover from the Covid sickness, both as individuals and as a nation, we all need to do our bit too and look to the future rather than continue to play the blame game.

It is heartening to see that in a snap poll 85 percent of Brits said they obeyed the Christmas rules and 73 percent agreed with Boris shortening the Christmas relaxation period.

Now, with the Covid vaccines beginning to roll out, not just in the UK but right across Europe, I feel a sense of guarded optimism is returning to us Brits.

The week between Christmas and New Year always drags as we slowly recover from the excesses of the festive season but this year we have had an enforced shorter break so let’s just get on with it, shall we Boris?

Why we are having to wait until next Wednesday to review which level we are going to be put into. Let’s face it, experience shows us, that the only way is up!

New Year has already been cancelled, so Boris let’s hear what you want to do next.  Give it to us straight.

A New Draconian Lockdown

I would be happy with a national lockdown like we had in March.

To be really honest I would be even more happy if it was actually more draconian.

We all know that lockdowns don’t work as a cure but they do work to suppress the virus and the pressure on the NHS and that’s what we need right now.

I am sick to the back teeth of this stop-start approach which I believe does more damage to both the economy and our mental health.

Now that the vaccine is actually here, would we all not be willing to have a full lockdown for a couple of months?

The Union Flag and European Union flags flap in the wind prior a meeting between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at EU headquarters in Brussels, Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020 - Sputnik International
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Boris should effectively write off the first two months of this year and impose a national lockdown with all schools closed and University Students taught via Zoom at home.

All non- essential shops and businesses should be closed including hospitality like pubs and restaurants.

But and this is a massive BUT, Boris and Rishi must have the compensation plans, including using the Billions returned by the supermarkets, in place to protect all businesses and individuals affected.

He should close down the UK in terms of airports and ports and we should all spend more time obeying the rules rather than finding ways to bend them.

Businesses are screaming for some sense of a timeline for a return to normality and so are the public.

After all we have been through in 2020, can we not just take a bit more pain for a hell of a lot of gain once the vaccine is in more people’s arms?

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