Biden's Presidency May Deal Devastating Blow to US Economy, Global Stability, Political Analyst Says

© REUTERS / JONATHAN ERNSTU.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers a speech after a conference video call focused on foreign policy at his transition headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., December 28, 2020
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers a speech after a conference video call focused on foreign policy at his transition headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., December 28, 2020 - Sputnik International
Joe Biden was confirmed the winner of the November presidential election by the Electoral College on 14 December after all 50 states officially certified the voting results. At the same time, the Congress is set to convene on 6 January to formally count the Electoral College votes.

Scott Bennett, a former US Army officer and political analyst, has shared his views on whether Joe Biden will be pronounced the president, whether US President Donald Trump's team will be able to contest the results of the election, and what will happen with the US if the Democrats win the Georgia Senate race.

Sputnik: Once the electoral votes are cast, they are sent to Congress, where both houses will convene on 6 January for a session presided over by Vice President Mike Pence. What battle can we expect then, in your view, as we’ve seen reports that some House Republicans plan to challenge the election results on 6 January?

Scott Bennett: Most likely there will be a group of Republicans who will make a stand against the election results and challenge the claims that Joe Biden won based on the ever-increasing evidence that the entire election was corrupted by a variety of factors, including large labour unions, like the AFL-CIO, which had pre-prepared plans to use its employees to infiltrate and corrupt the voter polls (see exhibit); Dominion voting machines that were purchased by corrupt and potentially illegal partnerships between the Chinese Communist Party, Union Bank of Switzerland, Staple Street Capital, and their agents; and Democrat states that used the COVID-19 pandemic excuse to flood the election with mail-in ballots without authorisation from the state legislatures—which is unconstitutional and is currently being challenged in state courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Republicans will recognise and affirm that this indicia of fraud, corruption, and espionage represents not only [a matter of] national security to the United States, but as such must immediately demand that the entire election be expunged and a new election be conducted using more secure methodologies and possibly military security. 

The most interesting aspect will be how Vice President Mike Pence will conduct himself during this matter when he is occupying his role as president of the Senate. He will either reject the entire election results and refuse to recognise any votes cast on the general grounds of the indicia of fraud, corruption, and the need for investigation—thus warranting an extension of the process and a postponement of the inauguration ceremony or accept the results and disregard the opposing voices and essentially rule in favour of Joe Biden as the president.

However, this is most unlikely, given the potential for a violent outbreak of a civil war in the country.  

There is even speculation about whether Mike Pence will be forced to flee the country during this final phase of the election count, especially if he betrays President Donald Trump—which again has a low probability given Pence’s own political ambitions for the presidency after Trump.  

Sputnik: How realistic is it to dispute or change the electoral situation after 14 December? Will the Republicans make any more attempts in this direction? If so, what kind of moves do you expect to see from them? 

Scott Bennett: The process, timeline, and requirements for the election of an American president by the states, the Electoral College, and Congress is outlined by the US Constitution, and is unchangeable and absolute.  

Any violations of the process, timeline, and requirements automatically nullify the election, and shift the process to be conducted by two back-up plans where either the state legislatures vote for the president and submit a “one state, one vote” act; or the vice president is made president on March 4th, and the Senate then votes for a vice president. The main question therefore is will the electors of each state be recognised and accepted by the Federal Congress, and if not, then the back-up plans will be implemented.  

Historically, this has occurred once before, during the presidential election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. What finally decided the election was the public outcry and mobs that had been gathering on the national mall, demanding that Jefferson be elected. This similar fear can be seen in the most recent comments by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who has been reported as loudly expressing great fear of “riots” resulting from not choosing Biden, and even cursing President Donald Trump and claiming he would not be re-elected.  

But this may also be the result of John Robert’s fear of being prosecuted for crimes relating to his recent travel to sex-predator Jeffrey Epstein’s private island where underage girls were prostituted to a variety of high profile men. 

This election is unlike any other in the history of the United States and may trigger unrest, conflict, and controversy never before seen in history. It will either re-establish America as the ideal template for a representative government, or it will end America’s reputation by exploding its myth of honest, fair, and accurate elections in the greatest fireball of political hypocrisy since the invention of Democracy.   

Sputnik: Is there still hope among Republicans and Trump supporters that the incumbent president will manage to contest the results and stay at the helm of the country for four more years? 

Scott Bennett: The president is being undermined on every level, most recently by his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and White House attorney Pat Cipollone, who are actively trying to undermine President Trump’s election fight, and persuade him to concede the race. The reason for this, of course, is because these people are being offered rich rewards of payoffs, jobs, book contracts, and other enrichments if they help “move Trump out”.  

Pat Cipollone and Mark Meadows are even refusing to implement President Trump’s orders and instructions to appoint Sidney Powell as the White House Special Counsel to investigate the crimes of voter fraud that occurred. Some legal scholars are defining this impeding of the president’s orders as “obstruction” and potentially “treason” and “sedition”.  

There is also speculation that Vice President Mike Pence may recognise the Biden election, then flee the United States to Israel to wait out the civil war. Also that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is opposed to Trump and may side with the Democrats and the globalists, and that McConnell has reached out to Senator Tommy Tuberville to avoid a messy fight next week. Senator John Thune has also made a statement about how “efforts to challenge the Electoral College would be shot down”.  

This indicates a growing division of Republicans in the Senate, which could end in a violent civil war in America

However the most important factor in the election is the will of the American people, and overwhelmingly the vast majority of Americans support President Trump and believe that any attempt to “vote-in” Biden is a fraud, an act of corruption, and must be resisted by all means necessary—including armed protests, declarations of non-recognition, and any civil war if needed.   

Sputnik: Despite the Electoral College counting 306 votes in favour of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, who received 232, refuses to concede and continues his battle to overturn the election results in several battleground states. The Trump campaign now seeks to overturn the Pennsylvania election results in the US Supreme Court. What can you say about the president’s strategy with regard to this? Will he eventually concede? 

Scott Bennett: Due to the evidence of irreversible corruption, fraud, computer manipulation, foreign server confiscations, and international interference by the Chinese Communist Party, President Donald Trump has declared repeatedly that he will not concede, will not recognise Joe Biden as president, and will continue as the president in 2021.  

The vast majority of Americans support President Trump in this decision, not simply because of their support for him personally, but because a majority of Americans recognise that the very life of the American Republic is at stake and that violence and turmoil may result if Biden is made president because it will essentially symbolise the end of American government integrity—and thereby end the government’s authority over citizens. This could possibly trigger a second American civil war. 

Sputnik: There’s also the important issue of the current Senate race in Georgia, as it will determine the balance of power inside the Congress. In your opinion, can the incumbent Republican senators keep their seats? How will this shift the bipartisan landscape in both the Senate and House of Representatives and how will this impact the decision-making process of the incoming Biden administration? 

Scott Bennett: If Joe Biden is elected as president, and the Democrats win the elections in Georgia, it will shift the balance of power in the Senate to the Democrats, which in turn will create a legislative environment where Democrats can and will embark on a variety of revolutionary political experiments, including packing the Supreme Court with more justices in order to shift power away from conservatives on the court. 

Additionally, the Democrats will attempt to shut-down the country’s schools and businesses, issue a federal mask-wearing executive order, and engage in foreign wars and conflicts that benefit the military-industrial complex that donates to the Democrat campaigns.    

Sputnik: Almost as many Georgians have voted in the US Senate runoffs as at the same point before the presidential election, a huge turnout that reflects the high stakes of the race. What would be your prognosis with regard to the race? 

Scott Bennett: The race in Georgia represents the “ground zero” where the fight for political power is being fought, and the fate of the nation hangs in the balance. For all of these reasons and more, most likely the Republicans will hold the seats in Georgia, and keep the Republican domination of the Senate. 

However, there is great concern that once again another repeat of the Dominion voting machine manipulations and corrupt illegal voting will transpire in an attempt to undermine the will of the people and steal the election for the Democrats.   

Sputnik: The Georgia Senate race is said to be the one that will define Joe Biden’s presidency. How is that? What would be the obstacles for the Biden-Harris administration if Republicans manage to keep both Senate seats? 

Scott Bennett: If the Democrats win Georgia, and Joe Biden miraculously becomes president, it would translate into all three branches of the American government being controlled by Democrats. This would allow Democrats to engage in some of the most authoritarian, radical, and experimental policies in history, and could have devastating results on the economy and global stability.  

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden waves as he arrives at his transition headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., December 28, 2020.   - Sputnik International
Joe Biden Delivers Remarks After Attending National Security Briefing
However many issues are now surfacing that will challenge the Biden claims to the presidency, including Joe Biden’s mental deterioration and dementia which handicaps his ability to be president, and Senator Kamala Harris being legally disqualified from being president because both of her parents were foreigners, and therefore she is not a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution (a naturalised citizen is not qualified to be president). These and other challenges are currently being filed in courts around the country and in Congress.  

Of course, the American anti-Trump mainstream media is notoriously silent about these matters, and solidly on the side of Joe Biden and the globalist agenda of a reset.   

The question is will the American people win out and the election fraud is exposed, and the American Republic and Democracy itself is saved from the bureaucrat mob, or will Democrats achieve a coup and administer a period of policies and an agenda of tyranny, oppression, and trigger a violent insurrection by an armed citizenry that must now fight for their lives. Time will tell.  

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