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Nikki Haley Slammed for ‘Dated’ Scare Tactic Declaring Socialism Democrats’ 'Default Policy’

© REUTERS / Joshua RobertsUS Ambassador to the United Nations, NIkki Haley, speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington, US, 27 March 2017.
US Ambassador to the United Nations, NIkki Haley, speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington, US, 27 March 2017. - Sputnik International
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also insisted she was speaking out “for the sake of America’s future”, as she outlined her policy predictions ahead of the transition of power in the Oval Office to Democrat President-Elect Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s former UN envoy Nikki Haley has come under fire for what is perceived as “recycling” well-worn scaremongering tactics, by declaring that ‘socialism’ is the future policy of America's Democrat Party.

The Republican politician went on Twitter to claim that the current year had witnessed socialism “go mainstream”, adding that the “dangerous ideology” had failed wherever it was implemented.

​On the eve of the Joe Biden administration taking over the White House, she emphasised that it was imperative to “fight for capitalism”, as Haley posted an article from Stand for America - a website and advocacy group she launched.

In a posting, entitled 2020 In Review: Socialism Rising, the Republican expounded on socialism, writing:

"With the Biden administration set to take power, now is the time to renew the fight for capitalism and opportunity for all — and against socialism and its suffering."

Haley’s take on socialism as espoused by the Democrat Party drew a plethora of responses.

Veteran tennis star Martina Navratilova criticised the statement from the point of view of someone who “knows socialism’, setting off a thread of approving comments.

​Some, however, disagreed with that take and offered a “concrete example".

​Some went online to slam Haley’s remarks as outdated, underscoring that “socialism” has long been interchangeable with “communism” in US politics.

​Many netizens suggested that Nikki Haley “get her facts straight”.

​Others offered their vision of a “pure capitalist system”.

​Some comments expounded on their perception of “democratic socialism”, as many regard universal healthcare as “emblematic of socialism”.

​Some comments on Twitter seemed to suggest that Nikki Haley’s verbal tirade might be a sign she was gearing up to pitch herself as the GOP nominee for president in 2024.

The exchange on Twitter comes amid a debate regarding the future of the Democrat Party. During the 2020 presidential campaign, some Democrats were perceived as resisting policies typically associated with socialism.

Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, had defended what he referred to as his take on "Democratic socialism", at the same time decrying the more “moderate” stance on healthcare espoused by the Democrats' then-presidential candidate and former vice-president Joe Biden, after Sanders urged a Medicare for All policy.

Meanwhile, according to a recent Heartland Institute/Rasmussen poll, when questioned whether the free-market economy or socialism was better, 75 per cent of likely voters chose capitalism, and 11 per cent backed socialism. Another 14 per cent said they were “not sure".

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