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Pornhub Owner's Wife Wants Husband to Break Ties With Website Accused of Hosting Illegal Content

Pornhub logo - Sputnik International, 1920, 24.05.2021
MindGeek, an umbrella company that includes the Pornhub website, faced a federal class action lawsuit amid accusations that the platform has been providing videos that were obtained without consent or involved sexually-trafficked women.

The wife of Bernd Bergmair, who owns the controlling share block of MindGeek, the owner of to Pornhub, said that she wants him to sever ties with the controversial sex-content platform.

Priscila Bergmair claimed that her husband “had nothing to do” with the illegal content, placed on the platform earlier.

“It’s not easy. It’s something, maybe, that the government has to work on … making rules,” Priscila told the Sunday Times on Friday.

She said that “everyone wants the best to be done, because people have children,” adding that she is mother and “we all want things to be right.”

“To be honest I never knew of this. I was totally out of this […] The only thing he told me is that he wishes he was not in this, and I think he will not be very soon,” Priscila pointed out.

The scandal started after a New York Times’ investigation, published in December 2020 reported that the site contains videos of underage girls, as well as some who did not provide consent for the videos to be published. Victims are said to have not been able to get moderators to remove the content.

This entailed a refusal from MasterCard, Visa and PayPal to process payments from Pornhub users and a collective lawsuit from 40 women, who have demanded $1 million apiece in compensation.

The affidavit alleged that Pornhub cooperated with the studio “Girls Do Porn,” whose owners were accused of sex crimes by US authorities and that MindGeek knew about this. In December 2020, PornHub removed over 10 million videos related to underage sexual abuse, "rape" and “revenge porn.”

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