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China’s UFO Task Force 'Overwhelmed' by Reports of Mysterious Sightings, Report Says

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.06.2021
A report by the South China Morning Post indicates the United States is not the only country that has set up a task force to detect and analyse sightings of UFOs. According to the outlet, the People’s Liberation Army has been studying UFO sightings for several years.

China’s UFO task force has been "overwhelmed" by reports of mysterious sightings, the South China Morning Post reported, citing anonymous sources. According to the newspaper, reports about UFOs, which are known as "unidentified air conditions" in China, have been on the rise.

This has prompted the UFO unit to resort to the use of artificial intelligence during investigations of the incidents. The Chinese military believes that sightings of unidentified objects are more likely caused by "humans than aliens", a local scientist told the South China Morning Post. The uptick in apparent UFO activity might be explained by the increasing use of recreational drones by civilians as well as the US sending reconnaissance planes to the South China Sea.

According to Chinese military researchers who spoke to the newspaper, many UFO sightings have also been attributed to natural phenomena.

The news comes as the US Department of Defence is preparing to brief the Congress on all the information it has on UFOs. The much-anticipated dossier is expected to shed light on videos showing encounters between the US military and mysterious objects that the Pentagon released in 2019, to the surprise of UFO enthusiasts, and potentially answer a question that has haunted humanity for decades – are we alone in the universe?

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