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COVID-19 Pandemic Has Spoiled Norwegians’ Sex Life, Survey Shows

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Intimacy - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.06.2021
In the words of sexologist Anders Røyneberg, adolescents and young adults, whose sexuality during the pandemic has been based on “pornography, sexting and sex toys” were hit the hardest.

One in five Norwegians has had less sex during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey has indicated, highlighting the restrictions as one of the premier causes.

The survey of Norwegians’ sex lives performed by pollster Norstat was commissioned by Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Wholly 22 percent of the respondents answered that they'd had less sex during the pandemic, and the decline applies to both singles and those in a relationship, be it family people or partners. Furthermore, 35 percent of Norway's singles admittedly had less sex, while 17 percent of people in a relationship reported the same.

In addition to COVID-19 restrictions, respondents listed a weaker sex drive and psychological influences among the most common causes. Other reasons included fear of getting infected and the fact that children are at home more due to a stronger emphasis on remote education.

A larger proportion of Norwegians also said they were more dissatisfied with their sex life now than before the pandemic.

“There are far more couples who have contacted me because they struggle with their sex drive. Precisely because they are huddled together all the time during the pandemic,” sexologist Anders Røyneberg told NRK.

sex - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.04.2021
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He recommended couples to give each other some distance, to miss the other part a little. According to him, being constantly together reduces sex drive.

Røyneberg also voiced his concerned that the pandemic and restrictions may have severely affected the sex lives of young people and young adults. Adolescence and young adulthood are important periods for sexual exploration. At this age, people begin to seek out partners to satisfy their sexual needs.

“During the pandemic, the sexuality of especially young people and singles has been based on pornography, sexting and sex toys,” Røyneberg lamented. “Over the past two years, the internet has become the most important and for some, the only arena for sexual contact,” he added.

However, a lot of Norwegians didn’t notice the impact of corona restrictions on their sex life at all. A total of 60 percent stated that they are having as much sex as before.

Furthermore, a lucky minority of 6 percent said that their sex life improved or gained momentum in the face of restrictions.

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